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Journeyman III

R7 5800X Running at boost clock even at idle/ low utilization.

Hi, sorry if using wrong format/ board, new here.


  I'm currently using a R7 5800X and having some temp issues. On bootup I am seeing temps between 70 and 85 degrees and current freq sat around 4.7 Ghz (Which is to my understanding standard freq at boost clock.) This is at low load (around 10 percent due to background use.) 

  This may come from a limited understanding, but should the frequency reach these speeds under a low load? I also have noticed when using power saving mode in Windows power settings I can see the freq (and subsequently the temps) drop to a normal level (around 1740 Mhz, and 30 deg temps.) However, pushing it back to balanced causes the freq to max out at 4.7 ghz again.

  Any help / explanations would be greatly appreciated. 

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The 5xxx series should be running on the windows balanced power plan (unless your into heavy OC).

So either your bios settings are incorrect (try asking on mobo or OC forum for optimal non oc settings) or some App. is hogging usage.


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