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Journeyman III

Re: R7 2700X + ASUS PRIME X470-PRO Freezing in Games

My 2pence: I have this spec:

  • AMD Ryzen 7 2700X (~stock)
  • Asus Prime X470 Pro (Asus BIOS 4207)
  • Samsung 970 Evo 1TB
  • Corsair LPX Vengeance 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 3200MHz (XMP loaded)
  • EVGA RTX 2070 XC Ultra Gaming
  • BeQuiet Dark Rock Pro 4 Air Cooler
  • Windows 10 64bit
  • Corsair RM650x PSU
  • 2x4TB WD Black HDD
  • Fractal Design R6 Blackout.
  • Built 1st Dec '18.

I have almost no issues with this setup, no hangs while gaming. But one crash to desktop with TF2. No issues with Battlefield V or HL2 or Skyrim. No issues with Cinebench or unigine benchmarks.

CPU temp reaches 63C during benchmarks. 21C ambient.

Adept I

Re: R7 2700X + ASUS PRIME X470-PRO Freezing in Games

Its the mfing Simultaneous Multi Threading SMD.

i have done everything and disabling smt solved all my freezing problems. mostly happened with League of Legends. i could play other games like far cry 5 hours and do OK. But lol, nope, 2 matches and freeze in the middle of the third.

why this happens? idk.

im just leaving this here idk if you have switched platform already or found a solution.

if anyone comes here looking for a solution: disable smt, test and please log in and comment if worked.