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R5 3600 overheating at 89C. Defective?

just built an all new PC, and during After Effects renders my CPU temps reach 89C. 
My idle temp is 44C. Is my CPU Defective?

Ryzen 5 3600
MSI X570-A PRO ATX AM4 Motherboard
G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4-3200 Memory
Asus GeForce GTX 1660 Ti 6 GB TUF OC Video Card
Corsair CXM 550 W 80+ Bronze Certified Semi-modular ATX Power Supply
Silicon Power 1 TB M.2-2280 NVME Solid State Drive
Silicon Power A80 512 GB M.2-2280 NVME Solid State Drive
Silicon Power A80 512 GB M.2-2280 NVME Solid State Drive
NZXT H500 ATX Mid Tower Case  

I've updated everything to the latest driver:
Bios version: 
Windows version 1903
AM4 chipset driver version
Nvidia GPU driver 431.60

Ryzen Master used to check temp.
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With the overheating, does it reboot the PC?


it does not reboot the pc at 89, but it was concerning. I contacted someone

at AMD and they are more concerned that my idle temps are in the 40's. They

said my idle should be around 30C so they are gonna replace my cpu cooler.

They also mentioned a newer BIOS update is needed, but MSI has not yet

released it for the X570-A PRO ATX AM4 Motherboard. Apparently the update

should be out in a week or so.


Yes the manufacturers are still rolling out BIOS updates for motherboards compatible with this new series of Ryzen 3000 CPU s.

Effectively most BIOS are in the Beta stage at the moment with updates smoothing out teething problems.

When you receive the new cooler I would recommend using some decent quality thermal paste as that does make a difference to cooling.

They tend to come with pre-applied paste the AMD ones but you can remove that.

In the meantime you can try a minus voltage offset of - .100 V in your BIOS.

I have done this with my Ryzen 3700x and also previously with my 2700x and it makes big difference to temperatures both under load and at idle.

It also actually enhances performances as the chip doesn't thermal throttle at the 85c threshold when you have PBO (Precision Boost Overdrive) enabled.



Thanks andy i might try the voltage offset. I also tried swapping the stock

paste for a graphite thermal pad, but then my temps rose a few C higher.