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Journeyman III

R5 2600x buzzing

I bought my PC parts two years ago and bilt it. It worked fine, without problems, until last week, when my RTX 2070 got some usage issues and one day later a buzzing sound started. It only appears when the GPU is under load and sounds like a smal Tesla coil or a taser. This nois is clearly audible through my closed case and it doesnt sound healty. 

I testet my PC with a different PSU und GPU, this didnt help. I bought a new motherboard, which also couldnt solve the problem. I tested my RAM sticks seperatly, I also disconected all fans for one test. So the only component that could produce this sound would be my CPU. I never removed the CPU or cooler in these two years until now to switch the Boards.

So my question is, how plausible is it, that the CPU is producing such a nois? 

Thx in advance.

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