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Adept II

R3 1200 OC lose lottery chip? :(

Hello I need your's help or opinion about my CPU R3 1200.

So few days ago i buy new Motheboard MSI B450m Mortar Max (Jump from A320)

Motheboard installed and i go to update to newest Bios, everything was fine, So i started OC and test.

My CPU reach max OC from 3,1 to 3,85Ghz with voltage 1,3625v Every try to go high like 3,9 it's crashed even i give him voltage like 1,425v. So i decided to stay at 3,85Ghz not that bad but except more....

When i stabilize in 100% CPU i started stabilize my memory and what? Nothing same problem like a320

Cannot go more then 2400 mhz, try xmp,try up SoC voltage, try manually Timings, Everything. 2 Days i spent and try stabilize memory and i just leave on 12-14-14-14-36 2400 only this work good.

I know the memory controller it's intagred with CPU.

So my question is i lose lottery chip on my CPU?

Memory problem with Asrock a320 and MSI b450 so i think motheboard it;s not problem.

My spec PC:

PSU: SilentiumPC vero l2 500w Bronze+

Mobo: MSI B450m Mortar Max

CPU: R3 1200 @ 3,85

Memory: Patriot Viper 4 2x4gb 3000 cl 16

GPU: RX 570 Asus Strixx

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