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Adept I
Adept I

Questions about the processor temperature

Hello I have a FX-6300, and I'm having falling during FPS games (league of legends) and I was looking for why these falls.

I used the afterburner with HWMonitor and recently hwinfo (best) and always showed temperatures at most 55C, but I decided to look at easy tune6 (already came with the charts of the gigabyte) during games, hwinfo showed 50C and EasyTune shows 66C, I was impressed, so I noticed that the CPU fan went up to 6000 RPM and is very noisy, I wonder if this is normal? and what is correct?

Note: as soon as I close the games he returns to 43C in easy tune and terminating the noise of the cooler.

The two images below are of different temperatures at the same time which rely? and I need a cooler to replace the cooler box?

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