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Question about the RMA and problems 3700x

Hello everyone!

p.s. I apologize for minor inaccuracies, English is not my native language, I am from Poland.

Quickly describe my situation.

I bought a new processor Ryzen 7 3700x, boxing version.

When I swapped my old 1700x processor with the 3700x, the computer starts up, but the screen is black, I can’t even see the BIOS boot.

My PC:

  1. msi b350 krait gaming
  2. msi 5700xt evoke 8gb
  3. old proc. 1700x
  4. new proc. 3700x
  5. Power Supply: Corsair 650w gold
  6. GOODRAM DDR4 IRDM 16GB/3000mhz

The BIOS version on the motherboard was flashed to support 3700x ( ver.: 7B08v1I)

I also tried to run without RAM. With one and two slats. Also interchanged, did not help. When I returned my old 1700x processor, everything worked fine.

The processor was tested on a 2nd computer. There was a motherboard b450 tomahawk, with current firmware for the 3700x processor, another memory, and a Nvidia graphics card, power supply: Corsair 550w. The same problem, the computer turns on and the black screen. On the old processor AMD Ryzen 5 2600, it worked.

03/05/2020 I made an application for RMA. I received 2 emails.

1. AMD Service Notice: New Request Received [ticketno:[8200962562[}

2. AMD service Notice: Global Customer Care Account Created

I have 2 questions:

1. As I understand it, I need to wait until they accept my application? How long does it take?

2. Can I somehow open my application and describe my problem in more detail? How is the forum here? I described everything there briefly.

Thank you all for your help and advice, this is my first experience with RMA AMD. I hope I wrote everything well in English.

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Community Manager

You should have received a response, i will now close this thread. 

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I presumed you opened an online AMD Warranty Request from here: 

If you did, you should have been given instructions via email on what AMD needs from you to RMA the processor (Photos and documentations like official Retail Receipt etc).

One of AMD Moderators can check your Ticket to see what status it is and if AMD Warranty replied and you didn't get the email for some reason.

Check your email SPAM folder and see if you received a AMD email that you missed.

Otherwise open another Warranty ticket with your original ticket number included with AMD Warranty and see if they will reply to you on the status of your RMA ticket.

Hello. Yes, I applied online AMD Warranty Request. The email from AMD didn't arrive, spam is empty. I will wait for the moderator's response.



Thanks, can I close this topic? I was answered, waiting for my processor in the service, and I have the documents of the DHL courier.

Community Manager

You should have received a response, i will now close this thread.