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Adept II

Question about my 5900x settings and temperatures.

Hi I have a 5900x on a Dark Hero board, i'm using PBO + curve optimizer with those settings below and I have an EK AIO 360

On CB20 it maxes at 74c @with 4800/4600Mhz

In gaming I play I played God of war 3840x2160 No dlss All ultra except shadow on high 80/100 fps 25c ambiant
65 to 73c on cpu 70c on core RTX 3090 strix / 88 to 90 on memory temperature junction

is it all fine?

my Pbo limits are :

PPT Limit [W] [185]
TDC Limit [A] [125]
EDC Limit [A] [160]

No changes in scores in CB20 but not so much changes in temps too.

Which of those three limits has the most impact on temps and considering my other settings above, how far do you think I could lower it to lower temps and fan noise?


Core VID [1.310]
CCX0 Ratio [47.00]
CCX0 Ratio [46.00]
Dynamic OC Switcher [Enabled]
Current Threshold to Switch to OC Mode [90]
Calibrated Temperature Threshold to switch back [80]
PBO Limits [Manual]
Limite PPT [W] [185]
Limite PMH [A] [125]
Limite EDC [A] [160]
Precision Boost Overdrive Scalar [Manual]
Precision Boost Overdrive Scalar [1X]
Curve Optimizer [Per Core]
Curve Optimizer [Per Core]
Core 0 Curve Optimizer Sign [Negative]
Core 0 Curve Optimizer Magnitude [30]
Core 1 Curve Optimizer Sign [Negative]
Core 1 Curve Optimizer Magnitude [15]
Core 2 Curve Optimizer Sign [Negative]
Core 2 Curve Optimizer Magnitude [30]
Core 3 Curve Optimizer Sign [Negative]
Core 3 Curve Optimizer Magnitude [30]
Core 4 Curve Optimizer Sign [Negative]
Core 4 Curve Optimizer Magnitude [30]
Core 5 Curve Optimizer Sign [Negative]
Core 5 Curve Optimizer Magnitude [15]
Core 6 Curve Optimizer Sign [Negative]
Core 6 Curve Optimizer Magnitude [30]
Core 7 Curve Optimizer Sign [Negative]
Core 7 Curve Optimizer Magnitude [30]
Core 8 Curve Optimizer Sign [Negative]
Core 8 Curve Optimizer Magnitude [15]
Core 9 Curve Optimizer Sign [Negative]
Core 9 Curve Optimizer Magnitude [30]
Core 10 Curve Optimizer Sign [Negative]
Core 10 Curve Optimizer Magnitude [30]
Core 11 Curve Optimizer Sign [Negative]
Core 11 Curve Optimizer Magnitude [15]
Max CPU Boost Clock Override [100MHz]

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Your better bet would be to find an OCers website, and/or mobo/cpu combo site that can offer non oc optimal recommended bios settings and start from there.

Once you unlock the OC settings your on your own or seek advice from genuine OCers, there are dedicated threads to them.



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