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Journeyman III

Pusing your Ryzen 9 to it's limit damage you chip and reduce it lifespan?

General Question is pushing my 3900xt to 4.6 in Bios and using ryzen master auto config all the time can damage my processor as i heard something about overclocking can damage the chip please give me detail explanation as i am new at this thanks guys

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At stock speeds the CPU will survive much longer. Pushed to the max the thermal damage is why the overclocked processors burn out fast.

If you need more CPU performance, that is why AMD has the Threadripper lineup

Not exactly sure how you are changing your processor with what settings. Generally speaking, the answer is really it depends on just what you are doing.

For instance I do what is considered an all core over clock, however I only change the base clock and leave the processor to manage the rest. So I still never exceed the stated boost clock and it does on average raise voltage a bit under load, but still within normal limits. It is the kind of change that say if the processor had a life span of 13-14 years at defaults (realize there is no default stated lifetime) for instance may now be 12-13 years. You are still far more likely to have retired the CPU before it ever failing. 

So it is a matter of how much you push it as to how much life expectancy you lose. It is a gamble. If you are willing to assume the risk you can get a lot of extra performance for free once you figure out top specs your processor will operate at with stability. Just remember if you chose to do that the risk is on you, not AMD. 

Can you explain more in how do you let the processor handle it self if I do it stuck at 4GH even so it should reach 4.6 all cores 

Many thanks


I change no settings for voltage at all. I use normal PBO and XMP and only change the base clock. I am very lucky in that my chip will come very near max boost clock on all cores. I am on a B450 MSI Tomahawk Max which has great VRM quality and very good controls in the bios for tinkering. On my motherboard the controls for the base clock are under the AMD Overclock settings. 


So this is how my settings affect performance. My score is the one that says you next to it at the top. You can see well above a normal 3700x. All this without even trying to change the multiplier and make the CPU go faster than specced. Again don't get me wrong this is still and overclock and will raise voltage a bit but still in normal range, but wattage will still go up and down based on load and the cpu still runs cool never going over 76 and idling in the high 30's most the time. 

CPU-Z Benchmark for AMD Ryzen 7 3700X (16T) - CPU-Z VALIDATOR