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Adept I

processor update won't update

I keep getting notifications for an amd processor update and then it tells me something is not appropriate and then it goes away. Windows 10

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You get better assistance if you follow AMD Forum rules about your computer setup: INFORMATION REQUIRED WHEN POSTING A QUESTION .

What Make & Model of CPU/APU are you talking about?  Make & Model of your Motherboard, PSU, GPU, etc. What version of Windows do you have installed? 

Is this a Desktop or a Laptop?  If a Laptop give exact Make & Model.

Adept I

I think the question could get a reply regardless.


amd fx-6300

windows 10

Big Boss

sussertown, please post screenshots of all your messages.  Enjoy, John.


You know, I can post a screen shot the next time I see it, but either someone knows what to do when this happens or they don't with or without a picture. It says update the AMD and then it says it's the wrong version so it can't update.


I will be quick to say that I do not know what to do without a screenshot and may not know what to do with a screenshot, sussertown.  I hope you are aware that this is primarily a user forum.  I do not work for AMD and I suspect most of the other helpers here do not either.  I have never heard of an error like yours and at first blush suspect MS has screwed up.  If I can see the actual message, then I would Google it.  Almost all things have been seen my many and there may be an answer.  To contact AMD, please go to their web site and open a Technical Support Ticket.  Good luck and enjoy, John.