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Journeyman III

Processor problem. Drivers are not installed.

CPU:3400g box
Power Supply: 350w

Motherboard: MSI- A230M-A PRO
RAM:ADATA DDR4 2400 PC4-19200 8GB
SSD - Maxator Z1 240GB

Initially, after building and installing windows 10, I had glare, about every second.
After installing the drivers on the CPU, everything is gone. But at launch, there were glare 4 times with different intervals. 
In games, when changing the resolution, there were also glare, and if the resolution on the desktop and in the game is different,
then when the game was minimized, glare appeared for 30 seconds. After 2 weeks of using playing hots, everything unexpectedly froze
and the image floated, after the computer completely froze.
After the reboot, everything returned to normal. But the next day, windows did not start.
After searching the Internet, I found out that the matter is in the drivers.
Since I have a new system, I decided to just reinstall widows.
It just didn't load until the end. Changed 2 SSDs - it didn't help. Then, through safe mode, I deleted the drivers - and it started. After trying a bunch of drivers,
the system still does not boot. Everything I did did not help. I decided to find out if there is
still a solution to this problem or is it manufacturing defects. And came here.


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