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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

Problems with Ryzen r7 1700

I bought a processor, ryzen r7 1700 and a motherboard from the gigabyte ab350m gaming 3. The first time I installed all the other components, the PC worked, when I put the fans on the motherboard the computer stopped and did not turn on. We sent to the service only the motherboard and the source to find out who is the problem with the two components. 6 days after I sent the source and the motherboard I call the service and tells me that the source and the motherboard is running on ryzen r3 and that I should send the processor to see if the problem is from the processor and if it's from him to change it. My question is if you would change my processor for the problem. The processor has no burning traces and the processor was well mounted with the cooler the processor came in. Let's note that I did not overcloking to him.

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