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Journeyman III

Problems with ryzen 5 2400g and ASRock B450M-HLD R4.0

Hi, I just bought a new PC with the following things:

ASRock B450M-HLD R4.0 (BIOS P1.0)
RYZEN 5 2400G 3.9GHz + Radeon Vega 11 AM4 STOCK Cooler
(stock settings, XLP profile for RAM, and 2gb allocated graphics memory)
2x8GB RAM Team DDR4 2666MHz T-Force Vulcan Red
Power Supply Corsair 450W CX450M Semi Modular 80 Plus Bronze
SSD Kingston A400 240gb 2,5'' Sata3
HHD Seagate 1TB Barracuda 64MB SATA 6GB/s

and also I already had a wifi card
TPLINK PCI Express Dual band AC AC1300 - Archer T6E

The problem only happends during games
I just tested the following games
The division 2

the system just Bricks. It shows black screen and I can't do nothing to restart the system. If I press and hold the power button, nothing happends, I also tried to press ctrl + win + shift + B to reset graphics drives but it doesn't work (I have the last recommended drives). The PC keep working but it shows black screen.

I have reinstalled windows 10 3 times and I tested it with different drives for the APU, I pulled off the wifi card and I change the SSD with other I have but it keeps doing the same.

So, I believe that you are going to recommend me to update the BIOS because the asrock web had a lot of BIOS updates R4.0/

so I would like and advise before upgrading the BIOS,
What should I do to prevent a fail during the BIOS upgrading?

And also the asrock webpage says that I need to upgrade to 1.4 before upgrade o the last version 2.3
and other thing that I don't understand is Why the page says that I need to install the VGA driver before upgrading the BIOS?


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Re: Problems with ryzen 5 2400g and ASRock B450M-HLD R4.0

From your link:

If you have BIOS Version 1.0 install on your Motherboard:

1)  Before you update to version P1.40 you MUST download (Click on the blue link on the BIOS Version) and install  VGA All in One Driver first. This includes the CHIP Set for your motherboard.

2) Once you installed the recommended VGA ALL IN ONE Driver then update to BIOS Version 1.40.

3) After updating correctly to BIOS Version 1.4, again click on the blue link in BIOS Version 2.30 and download and install that version of VGA ALL IN ONE Driver which includes the motherboard Chip Set.

4) Once you have installed the VGA ALL IN ONE then go ahead and download and install the new BIOS Version 2.30.

To lessen the risk of a BIOS Update:

1) Make sure power to your computer is on and not interrupted at any time during the update process. This is the most important fact about updating BIOSes.

If you computer is interrupted while in the process of updating your BIOS, Your BIOS will be corrupted and your computer won't boot up.

2) Update using ASRock own program (Instant Flash) to update the BIOS BEFORE Windows starts. Follow the instructions on how to update your ASRock BIOS using ASRock own BIOS Updater - INSTANT FLASH.

3) On the BIOS version page in the BLUE LINK you can download ASRock BIOS Updater called "INSTANT FLASH". Use that to update your BIOS to the latest version.

NOTE: IF you are uncomfortable or afraid to update the BIOS yourself, find someone who has done it before and let that person update the Motherboard's BIOS. Then you can do it yourself in the future.

Once you updated to the latest BIOS Version 2.30 with the latest VGA ALL IN ONE driver installed. See if you are still having problems with your Integrated Graphics.

Here is the latest AMD APU Driver for your Ryzen: AMD Ryzen™ 5 2400G Drivers & Support | AMD 

Install this driver only after updating the BIOS and installing the latest VGA ALL IN ONE Driver from your Motherboard Support page first and you still are having graphics problems.

Big Boss

Re: Problems with ryzen 5 2400g and ASRock B450M-HLD R4.0

You might want to also consider a slightly better PSU should you desired to install a video card down the road

Journeyman III

Re: Problems with ryzen 5 2400g and ASRock B450M-HLD R4.0

Hi!, thanks for reply, I've updated mi BIOS to 1.4 version and the problems have gone, now I can run my RAM to 2666MHz without problems but there is a new problem.

Because of the graphics drivers requirement to boot into windows after update the BIOS, you can not boot ANYMORE with generics graphics drivers, so you can not format your system ANYMORE unless you have a dedicated grapichs card or unless you downgrade you BIOS back to 1.0 version. So becarefull with that because I tried to install windows in other HDD to test it, but after the first restart windows can not finish the installation, it stays loaded with the asrock logo

I can not found a way to reinstall windows without a dedicated graphics card or a BIOS downgrade.

Big Boss

Re: Problems with ryzen 5 2400g and ASRock B450M-HLD R4.0

Try a BIOS reset and try installing windows clean