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Problems with a8 9600

SERIOUS UPDATE: I figured out the problem, must not the Solution. The problem Is something on the mouse/usb. No matter where i move the mouse, it cause a massive CPU spike, from 3%, to 60% IDLE, ingame from 40% to 100%. I tryed with another mouse AND all the USB, AND safe mode. Nothing worked.

Sorry if my english Is not the better. I buyed an A8 9600 and im having some issues. I tryed to play valorant, having almost 180 FPS, but if i move the camera they go down until 40/50 fps. Playing Path of exile Is exactly the same. Sometimes i have 100 fps, but randomly goes to 20/30 fps. 

My PC:

Gygabite a320M

R7 250x

8 GB crusial 2600mhz AND 4gb Kingston 2400mhz (already tryed with only 1 ram)


EVGA 430+80 PLUS.

my temps are ok.

I dont installed Yet the chipsted driver, can this be the problem? Because i used to have better performance with an i3 4170, i know the i3 its kinda better than the A8, but not that much. Its strange that big fluctuation from 180 fps to 50...

EDIT: I have Windows 10 64 bits. 

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