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Journeyman III

Problems Requesting Boot Kit

I'm trying to request a Boot Kit on the Warranty Form and Keep on getting this Error

What gives. This is super frustrating after jumping back into AMD after 19 years.


An error occurred while processing your request.

Request ID: |d4ea7017e5926c4f8fb1753bbde1b366.9edfe8b1_

2 Replies

Re: Problems Requesting Boot Kit

It is possible that AMD Moderator Ray_M might be able to determine what that Request ID means or indicates.

Where are you located at? City, State or Nation?

Possibly the AMD Servers are under maintenance or having problems. Wait a day or two and try again and see if it works.

Or you may have inputted the wrong information on from your processor at the Warranty site: 

Did you check mark the AMD's Warranty Terms & Conditions below the online page?

Also do you believe you qualify for the AMD Short Term Boot Kit? Here are the requirements from AMD Support: 

Even though it just mentions the 400 Series Motherboards, it may also include the 300 Series Motherboards. But need to ask first and see if your qualify.

If you have done all of the above correctly and still getting the error then most likely it is a Server Issue at AMD or your ISP.

Journeyman III

Re: Problems Requesting Boot Kit

Ihave the same issue when I try to submit the form. My error code is:

Request ID: |0d9433aa506c324d8de13cecce0b0dfd.9ee00803_

I have tried raising a request via the "AMD Online Support" page here:  

I will let you know whether it works or not.