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Journeyman III

Problem with 5 5600x after upgrading

Hello everybody

So for approx 1,5 year i have been playing games without any problem/ issue. My specs:

  • AMD ryzen 5 3600
  • Radeon RX 5700XT Saphire Nitro +
  • HyperX Fury RGB, DDR4, 32 GB (4x8GB), 3200MHz, CL16
  • Asrock fatal1ty x470 gaming k4 (MOBO)
  • Cooler Master Master Liquid 240mm (AiO)
  • 650 W Silentum PC Gold PSU

Everything was fine until I decided to upgrade my CPU from Ryzen 5 3600 to 5 5600x. Of course I updated my bios form the official AsRock website and fallowed
exactly every step in the bios update instruction. After that I made a clean install of Windows (with SSD formating). And this is where my problems started.
In almost every game i played with new CPU I experienced game crashes to dektop, blue screens. The AMD Adrenaline Software is prompting me every time with "Display driver timeout" error and "Display driver amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered” in Windows Event Viewer. So to fix that problem read almost every topic in the internet abaut this problem and tried almost every tip abut fixing that problem. I tried updating drivers/rollbacking drivers, changing tdr delay in registry, overclocking GPU, undervolting and many more. NOTHING worked which made me frustrated. My max temperatures
do not exceed 80 deegres both on CPU and GPU in stress. Then i read about OCCT program which checks the setup stability. I run every test in this program and during testing my CPU i got over 1 k errors telling me "cpu errors found on physical core". I got also 12 ram errors in RAM test. My RAM was set in BIOS to XMP 3200 MHz. After changing to XMP 3000MHz or JEDEC 1200Mhz both tests (CPU and RAM) passed without any problems. Could anyone explain me if its possible that RAM specs are crashing my PC in games? When was I using Ryzen 5 3600 i was running my RAM with XMP 3200 MHz option and everything was OK. I dont understand it because this CPU supports 3200mhz

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Adept III

you can try use the pc with 3000mhz ram....

if want 3200 add more vdimm power to the ram... likely the ram usage is higher for new ryzen 5000...