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Journeyman III

Probably I lost the warranty in a brand new Ryzen 7 5700X due a defect cooler?


I just don't know how this happened, bought a new Ryzen 7 5700X with a basic cooler (Aerocool Verkho 2), installed just fine at first try, no problem at all, so I start using to test, no temp problems, but soon I had to removed it to send back the motherboard do RMA due a USB ports problem.

Then came the surprise, look what the cooler did to the IHS (or the thermal paste did it, hard to say for sure), simply I just put the cooler on top, no twisted or something to do such scratches all over. At least the processor is working, no pins problems etc. But it's painful see a new product already like this..

And the worst thing and the question is, did I lost the warranty due these scratches?




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Warranty info?

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Yes your Warranty would be voided by those scratches only if the Processor's markings are in any way obscured or damaged and can't be read.

Plus it would be considered to be Customer Error.

Plus fairly deep scratches will prevent the CPU Cooler from making good contact with the processor's lid.

From the link that GoodPlay posted concerning scratches and AMD Warranty:

Screenshot 2022-12-02 163119.png

I would open a AMD SUPPORT - WARRANTY Request and ask them if those scratches will invalidate the AMD Warranty. Upload the same images you have here in your thread from here:

NOTE: How can a CPU Cooler cause so much surface damage to the processor by just installing and removing it?

I have heard of processor's pins being bent or broken from a stuck on CPU Cooler but not from a simple installation or removal from the CPU itself.

I seriously doubt that the Thermal Paste would caused that type of damage unless the thermal paste was contaminated with grit or tiny stones. That can only be done by metal to metal contact.

I would complain to the manufacturer of the CPU Cooler if AMD Warranty is voided if you can positively prove that the damage was from just installing and removing the CPU Cooler without any incidence.


NOTE: How can a CPU Cooler cause so much surface damage to the processor by just installing and removing it

Tbh it can happen, if it's quality wasn't good. But grooves are bit too deep for common case. 
But i am not sure if his warranty is off, as marks on his CPU are still can be seen clearly. 
And he can try to persuade them that it wasn't user error. But result of such encounter is unknown. 

Good point could be poor quality control but the scratches looks like the CPU Cooler was moving sideways horizontally to the CPU lid.

In the picture that I took of a screen shot from AMD Warranty PIB page it shows one vertical scratch going through the letter D in FUSED which is legible but still considered to void the warranty. But all the other images definitely obscures the markings where you can't read it clearly.

Screenshot 2022-12-03 000634.png

If you magnify the top image from the original post, you will see several letters have scratches through them. So I guess it would be AMD decision whether to void the warranty.


Screenshot 2022-12-02 163119.png

TBH in my opinion,  the only way the OP won't have the warranty voided is if he claims and proves that he received the CPU already damaged from the sealed AMD Retail box otherwise it will be considered to be Customer Error if the CPU lid had no scratches on it when he removed it from the Retail box. It really doesn't matter how the scratches got created.


How about this angle, what do you think?



That angle does look better but you can still see the Serial Number "J157" and "9" on the Model Number has one noticeable scratch across its markings.

Good chance AMD will not void your Warranty but it is best to ask them now before you find out later when you need to RMA your processor for any reason.

Also AMD Warranty starts when the Retailer/Vendor Return Date or Warranty expires.


Did you try the heatsink on without thermal paste?

If you slide finger over that heatsin surface, do you feel anything sharp?

If you do, I would contact whoever sold you that cooler and let them sort it out with manufacturer, who is going to pay for the damage.


Journeyman III

Jesus, look what I found on YouTube searching, exactly the same model and the same way the base of mine is if I slide my finger on it. Jesus I can't believe Aerocool allow this to the market. Maybe this help me somehow if I send it to AMD support?