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Post about ryzen 9 5900x overheats and then gets deleted?

what kind of tactics are these AMD? I posted here about my problem with overheating my processor and you delete my thread? You trying to hide something instead of helping and solving the problems? 

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Adept I

I see I wasn't the only one I was confused as to why my second post in a week and on this forum ever! Was considered spam in a second after posting -_- ...

"Re: Ryzen 9 5950x running very hot 74C"  my reply on this topic was removed as spam this is very unhelpful! 

I mentioned that A*us and a few M*I motherboard users had reported high temps for ryzen 5950x. (I hope it's not a bot that sees brand names and auto removes them). 

Please fix your automated spam filters!



Writing an article on this issue and the lack of response from AMD. 

Sent email to their PR. At this stage too many are having the issue and AMD removing posts isn't a great sign.





It is nothing personal. This forum is new and it has been deleting many of our posts randomly. It has been reported yet nobody from AMD has responded as to if they are looking into this or not. It is very frustrating. @Sam_AMD  @Matt_AMD @Ray_AMD 


Good to know,

Still waiting on a reply from AMD. If this is normal then grand, but doesn't seem normal, likely a bug or something going on. 

Will wait another day or so for reply from AMD here it their PR contact.




Aggh, I did wonder what had happened to the post!

Sooo as i see, AMD is trying to get away with this SERIOUS issue on their Processors. They better be getting an update about this cause these temp spikes getting me crazy. With jusst browsing i am getting a spike for a few seconds around 50-60 degrees. It isnt normal! We want a permanent solution! We need AMD to fix this! Or else don't count me in for the next gen processor, cause i will go in the other side where i came from just now.


jeg har akkurate det samme problemet

har 5900x og bare surfe på nett blir det opp til opp til 60 grader og når jeg ikke rører keyboardet en gang så ligger CPU på 45-50 grader? hva er dette forno?

AMD må fixe dette problemme!!

folk har betalt mye penger for en CPU!