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Journeyman III

Please help me - Ryzen build not working!

Hey everyone. I don't know where else to turn to here, I'm all out of options and I'm super gutted.
I've got a new Ryzen build, everything's installed, this isn't my first computer build, I've built dozens of machines in my time figuring out any issue on my own, but this has got me completely damned, I've been trying to work it out for 8+ hours in counting, still no dice. I'm hoping someone here can help me.
The issue is I can't install Windows 10 no matter how hard I try. I've tried using the Windows 10 media creation tool to make as USB and even burned a DVD, neither worked. All it gets me to if I choose UEFI USB boot in the F11 boot menu, is thrown back to the boot splash screen and it freezes, or if I choose normal USB boot in the F11 boot menu, it gets me as far as the very first Windows 10 splash screen, then it freezes, it does nothing. One thing I've notcied too, is my RGB keyboard looses its back-light after it freezes in either circumstance listed above.
So the parts are as follows:
I really have no idea what else to do, I'm hoping you guys can help me out.
What I have done so far:
Tried the USB Disc Drive in front USB's 2.0 and 3.0, same again with rear.
Swapped the 2 x ram sticks out of another pair of brand new identical pair, same issue, so it doesn't appear to be faulty ram.
Tried the USB drive in both front and rear USB 2.0 and 3.0.
Any help would be most appreciated. I was warned about AMD Ryzen builds being dicey, but I did my homework and was super confident of my build. Tell me what I can do and I will do it!
Thanks everyone! I hope we can get this resolved!
Also, I heard somewhere that I'm supposed to be using a certain version of Windows 10 for a Ryzen Gen 2 build, but after a google to double check, I couldn't find anything about that, could this be the issue? Another thing I wonder was the RAM isn't on the QVL list of the motherboard, but everyone told me don't worry this RAM will be fine, even my supplier said he would guarantee it so well, that he would refund the whole thing for free.
Ok so I've done a few things since posting here and taking everyones advice:
  1. I tried multiple Windows media creation tools on 3 different USB sticks, neither worked.
  2. Tried the same again using RUFUS with windows 10 iso, neither worked.
  3. Tried the same again with a linux distro, unbunto, neither worked.
  4. loaded default settings on bios, tried the above again, nothing worked.
  5. Updated the bios, repeated steps above again, nothing worked.
  6. Tried all XMP profiles, and tried no XMP profile, repeated steps above, nothing worked.
  7. unplugged the Hard Drive and SSD sata and power, tried the above steps again, nothing worked.
  8. Replaced motherboard with an identical brand new MSI Mortar Titanium board, rebuilt the entire PC ensuring everything was connected correctly, repeated above steps, nothing worked. ( I've bought 20 x components of each, I'm that guy trying to build 20 computers for a social development group for the kids, so thus the major stress)
  9. Swapped the ram kit out with another identical ram kit to ensure it's not faulty, repeated steps above, nothing worked.
I'm all out of options guys and I'm really not sure what else to do. I've been fundraising to get all these computers, and so far what should be a super exciting time going forward has turned into a living hell. I would really appreciate any more advice on what I could try next. Are there any particular settings in the BIOS i should be using instead of default?
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Re: Please help me - Ryzen build not working!

Hey, oh that's sounds terrible.

Regarding to bios, when you do a reset it should just work with default settings. 

CPU fan works ? GPU fan works ? All cables connected ?

As I understand it you used all kinds of USB ports for your USB Flash Drive but none work.

Can you get a internal sata disk drive from that reseller or maybe you have one ? Than you can just burn a image on a dvd and see how far that get's you. 

If nothing helps you could just take your build to a repair shop and let them take a look at it, since you have done so much already. This would not take long but probably cost a bit of money but than you know what wrong for sure and can just use the knowledge for all your other builds with the same parts. 

Regarding to power usage your just about around the limit (+400W) and 3200Mhz RAM is not natively supported by AMD, limit is 2933Mhz.


Re: Please help me - Ryzen build not working!

Maybe this is the long way around, but can you install the SSD in a different/working PC and run the media creation tool on it?  Then, when Windows boots and is working, swap the SSD to the new PC.  Does it boot?