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Journeyman III

pin layout for athlon x4 750 (fm2+)

Can anyone furnish me with a chart of the pin layout for an athlon x4 750 (FM2+). Thanks.

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AMD stopped publicly publishing them for some reason.


I guess I'n not surprised they are not as in my looking around about all I found was a chart for an old intel. I can understand a company not wanting any potentially helpful info getting to competitors, but I think anyone that can build processors could figure that out in a flash. So for whatever reason I don't know. I will try amd but sounds like I will get nothing. I had tried the mobo manufacturer who of course would also know but they seem to be just wanting me to go to amd. Thanks.

Adept III

Are you sure it is FM2+? AMD indicates that the Athlon X4 750 was either FM2/FM2+ but all the data I found said that it was FM2.


Yes could be important. Educate me on this. I think you are right that it is a FM2 not +, but my understanding was that a FM2+ mobo just has additional pin locations so it will fit either? Yes technically I guess I do need FM2. I had started with thinking I could get the mobo manufacturer (gigabyte) to tell me what their pinout is and I could determine by either. The board is a FM@2+. Model # GA-F2A88XM-D3H.

I have this cpu that lost a pin in a corner area. I already tried it anyway and it appears to be fine so it may have been a common ground. But I really would like to find out exactly for my own information and peace of mind. Thanks if you have any info.


It's not going to catch fire or fry your system, if it works fine then it's fine.