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Journeyman III

Phenom 9550 running @ half speed (1.1 GHz) and multiplier (Min and Max) locked on 5.5?

Some days ago, my processor was performing really bad and I realize with Core Temp and CPU-Z that the processor was running at half speed, TDP was lower, and the 1.1 GHz was a real number because the computer was slightly slower but in games it takes away like 30-40 FPS. While turning the computer on, it takes around 2 or 3 times to boot properly because when it doesn't, it just stays on a black screen and nothing makes a sound except for the fans in GPU and CPU. When it boots, BIOS shows the processor runs at 1.1 GHz but at the same time, the voltage seems fine (1.2v for CPU) Like 1 out of 10 tries, the PC boots at 2.21 GHz and performs as expected but this goes away and goes back to 1.1 GHz when you shut it down or hibernate. Temps always were incredibly cool staying around 25°c - 31°c idle and ramps up to 41°c - 47°c when 100% processor usage (tested by gaming and CPU-Z stress test).

Cool n' Quiet disabled, and power plan is on High Performance.

First image is how Core Temp says it runs by this time. Second one shows how it's supposed to run.

Third image is how CPU-Z says it runs by this time. Second one shows how it's supposed to run.

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Could be a component of the motherboard or the CPU going bad, those are -old- processors. Have you tried reflashing the BIOS with the most up to date available?


I believe the processor is dying, so maybe. Kinda freaks me out because this was my first PC and I want it with the original parts it came with. At least I have lots of AM2 and AM3 processors here and I can replace it, so I'll check if replacing fixes it. I also believe that could be motherboard related, but I bet for the CPU.

Now, with your question: Indeed, is using the newest BIOS some years ago and this never happened.