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Journeyman III

pci express x16 issue (3600,b450,1080ti)

Newly built system having issues. The issue that I have is that on every power on and windows boot, my gpu gets driver reinstall and every time it is recognized as different pcie configuration - sometimes it is pcie x16 3.0, sometimes it is x8 3.0 or x2 1.1 and all kind of combinations.

Here is my configuration:
cpu Ryzen 3600 (no oc)
mb B450 tomahawk max (running latest bios 7c02v33)
ram 2x8 ddr3200 hyperx (in the qvl list)
gpu asus strix 1080ti (installed in top slot x16)
psu seasonic focus gold 850w

Following is what I have done trying to fix:
- another 1080ti palit gamerock
- new Win 10 install on usbdrive
- uninstall Msi afterburner
- dual cable from psu to gpu (instead of single with two headers)
- set in bios pci_e1 x16
- disconnect lan cable
- cmos reset (opt defaults)
- old driver 430.97 (after ddu)
- remove chipset driver
- power plan hi performance + nvcp pow performance
- disable windows auto driver install
- remove all sata drives (currently i am using windows to go usb drive)
- disable fast boot (windows)
- nv control panel PhysX auto->gpu
- single memory dimm slot noxmp
- disable lan and audio in bios

- connecting monitor to display port instead of hdmi

- change psu - bq dark power 1000w

- reinsert cpu (reinstall in the socket)

And last one is to move the card to the bottom pci-e slot which is x4 and connected to chipset, not to cpu. Now its working stable at x4, and driver is not reinstalling on every power on.

But now the question is what is the problem here - the mother board or the cpu?

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Journeyman III


Reverted from latest bios (7C02v33) to first one (7C02v30).

The issue is gone - it seems that there is some bug in later bioses.

Some quick benchmarks showing a bit of cpu performance loss, but for now that is the only working solution for me.

I double checked - again updated to latest bios and the issue started again.