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Re: PC Stuck in a Cycle of Turning Off and On After Installing New CPU

sometimes these Ryzen systems will reboot when new ram is installed ... its a memory learning thing going on ...i think some motherboards are factory set to reboot at the least up to five times before its happy with the settings its trying to use before it just gives a memory or a cpu error ....Ryzen can be very picky with what ram you use also ...and like i said most all ram in my experience with Ryzen likes 1.35 to 1.4 volts ....ive built over 8 of these rigs and tunned them....some ram will not even work with xmp enabled even at 1.35 volts ....enable xmp if you still get the reboots none stop bump it up to 1.4 i wouldn't take it over that...ryzen rigs really love any ram with Samsung die's mostly b and e die but seems to like all that Samsung ...i dont know who uses what i always buy and use corsair vengeance or the pro versions of it for the systems ive built ...its always worked might also try reseating your cpu in the socket firmly ...not massively hard but firmly pushing down with your thumb when you lock the bar in its place you will have to go into bios and turn the xmp off and just set it to default ....reinstall the others and reenter bios and go back to xmp....i do not know about gskill ram in ryzen never used it is a great company with some good ram though .....dont know what they use for ram dies either long as your running just the 32 gig kite you should be golden ....if it wont boot on 1.35 volts go 1.4 ...all you can do is try it man ..makes sure you got no other overclocks going on ..return every thing in bios to default and start with ram before doing anything else