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Journeyman III

PC keeps crashing under stress test at stock cpu frequency

My pc keeps crashing with no oc on cpu or even d.o.c.p/XMP on ram under loads like Prime95 and OCCT. I don’t even know where to start even temps dont exceed mid 70s degrees prior to crash.

I even limited the CPU to 3.5 Ghz and 1.25v and it still crashed under load.

Parts list: Mobo: Rog crosshair Viii impact CPU: Ryzen 9 5900X AIO:Cooler master ML240L V2 Gpu: AMD Radeon 6600XT RAM: 64 GB Trident z rgb 3600mhz (currently being run @ 2666mhz for trouble shooting) Psu: Cooler master 850W SFX Gold Storage: 1Tb Sabrent rocket 4 plus


Video of the the crash:

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what case? does it have good air flow? IF your VRM's and memory get hot, that can cause stability issues

Have you tried a different PSU?

Have you tried running with just 1 stick of RAM? .. and then just the other stick by itself ... 

Have you looked at your system Event viewer to see if any errors are logged when you crash?

ThreeDee PC specs

I couldn’t sign back into my account for whatever reason but i get WHEA 19 errors when my ram is oc and it doesn’t do the random restart when there is only one dimm in.


Nvm it just restarted again 

Journeyman III

Highly likely your CPU is faulty, this is a known issue. My first 5900x was faulty and then the replacement they sent me was faulty as well. 3rd one seems to be okay. Same-ish symptoms, mine would reboot while playing certain games in certain zones. I could run stress tests fine, but certain games/zones would trigger it and after 1-2 reboots would be fine for awhile. Only had it reboot 1 time in a stress test.

It could be your memory, whea19 is usually a memory or infinity fabric thing where whea 18 is usually processor cores, so try each stick alone in the proper slot.

While you're testing your memory use CPU-Z to see what your CPU stepping is. There are 2 steppings,B0 and B2 with 2 being the latest. The belief is that the 0 stepping has more stability issues and the B2, since it is a more refined process, has less. The B2 is also rumored to use less power and because of that potentially boost higher as well. If yours is a B0 stepping and the memory isn't the culprit then it's the CPU, RMA it.