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Journeyman III

PC crashing with error WHEA-LOGGER ID 46

So I have been experiencing WHEA Logger with my ryzen 5 2600x event ID 18, so I decided to get a new CPU a ryzen 7 5800x and pair it with a rx 6700xt for a fresh new build that would be error free, or so I thought LOL. I'm now experiencing WHEA - Logger event id 46 and I cant seem to find a fix for it, if this issue is related to my cpu, I could return it as its only a day old but I have tried mutiple ways to fix this issue such as 

- Resetting windows

- Resetting CMOS battery

- Rebuilding my PC just in case there are any loose parts

- Removing XMP which was my only OC

- using different RAM sticks 

If anyone is kind enough to help lmk and ill provide all the resources necessary, thank you so much  

for anyone wondering, the error happens like this, I run user benchmark to stress test mildly, it goes through the CPU tests fine, but once it hits the RAM tests for latency and stuff it just freezes for a second, and reboots, sometimes a blue screen appears and other times it doesn't but the issue is for the most part repeatable all I have to do is start userbenchmark and wait until it reaches the RAM tests to crash. Ive been suffering crashes like these for a while so if anyone could help that would be much appreciated


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From what I can find about that error code is missing .dll or DX files.

Try running DXDIAG and follow up with a Command prompt as admin sfc /scannow to check your OS file integrity if DXDIAG doesn't solve this issue.

You may need to do a Command Prompt CHKDSK C:/f for a storage drive integrity check to.

Try doing a factory reset install of you GPU drivers/software also check your MOBO website for CPU shipset updates.

Ensure you are using WHQL drivers and not the optional display drivers.

Check windows update for the latest .Net Framework update. I'm on windows 10 pro 64 version 21H2 and had a large .Net Framework update about 3 days ago. It was about 1.2GB.



Thanks for the reply, I have tried all of this and none of them have worked I still get the same error repeatedly 


I can find fixes for the ID 16 and 18 error code but not the 46 error code. 

Suggest opening a support ticket with MicroSoft AMD or both.


can u help me how to fix whea logger 18 i have randomly restart


If you have PBO Auto or Enabled, try turning it off..

Only a suggestion, but you could just try it..

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