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Journeyman III

Overclock Vishera 8350 FX

Hi Guys!

I have read everything I can find on how to O.C. my system. I have had nothing but headaches.

First my build…

Night hawk 117 case with case fans plugged into MOBO

Asus 970 Pro Gaming Aura board

Vishera 8350 FX proc.

Evo 212 cooler

Msi raedon 270 X O.C. GPU

Twin sticks of 8gb RAM @ 2133, forget which brand.

1500 W PSU

2 500 GB HD in raid config

I have read everything I can Find, watched every video that is on overclocking that I can find/understand.

I even read through some of the reviews for these products again looking for something I may have missed.

Ok, So I have been trying to O.C. this thing for years. My proc is set at 4k, and allegedly, I “should”

be able to get another 10 or 15% out of it on air with few issues.

Here is what I have done, what am I missing?

First I set my BIOS to D.O.C.P for my mem sticks. That puts my ht link at 2400 and my NB ratio @ 2200.

CPU ratio is @ 20 and multiplier is set at 200 for 4013K.

Test with Prime 95, use speed fan to monitor and adjust fan speeds, watch everything on hwinfo.

Boom, 2 hours later and we are at like 53C.

Crank up the cpu ratio to 20.5, restart, crash, restart, crash, restart, reset voltage, rinse and repeat. I  finally got enough juice to it to get it to start, retest, temps go up to 58ish. Seems stable. Restart, crank up CPU to 21, retest, 63C ish after a few hours of testing.. Try for 21.5, and there is no way this thing will hold the heat, or I am to chicken to run it at 68+ and hope it doesn’t melt.

At 21 cpu ratio, it tests fine, but when I go online, it crashes. But why?  Isnt that a much lighter load?

I have seen build sheets where the author claims 4900 K on the exact same processor, also on air by using both the FSB speed and the cpu ratio to really crank it up.

This leads me to believe that I must be doing something desperately wrong…

So who wants to help me? I understand the risks of overclocking as well as the risks of asking ppl on the internet for advice.

My methodology is simple. I use everything set on auto for the bench test. Unfortunately, I run out of thermal  head room in just about 75 seconds. So I have to crank down the voltage to about 1.225 to get it to start and not overheat during testing. With everything else set to auto, I can rock 4k all day long with temps in the upper 40’s to lower 50’s

Once I get my voltage as low as it will go with out crashing, I raise the cpu ratio by .5 and add more juice one notch at a time until it starts and is able to be tested.

I have PCIE spread disabled along with some other things, they are recommended to be turned off for better o.c. I have cool n quiet disabled, hpc enabled, basically everything set up the way the guides tell me to.

I was having a real thermal issue until I changed fan control from the crappy hi med lo switch on the case to controlling them off of the sensors in the MOBO. I had hoped that would add a huge amount of cooling, it didn’t, but it does take longer

I have a 120mm fan on my heat sink for my cpu, another fan maybe 3 inches behind it at the top rear of the case for exhaust. I have 2 140 mm fans blowing out hot air on the top, a 140 mm and a 120 mm fan sucking in cool air from the front lower. I even modded my case just enough to get a fan blowing on the back of the socket.

I can provide pics/vids of it doing it’s thing, maybe someone more experienced can see some glaring oopsie that I didn’t think of.

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Journeyman III

Re: Overclock Vishera 8350 FX



Re: Overclock Vishera 8350 FX

Are you using AMD Overdrive to Overclock your FX 8350 CPU?

Here is where you can download it and find out how to use if you haven't got it installed: AMD OverDrive™ Technology for Overclocking CPU and Fan Control | AMD .

Here the AMD Overdrive Guide PDF:

I have the same CPU as you do with a recently installed Hyper 212 EVO CPU cooler. Without Overclocking it works great with two fans. Keep my CPU under 59c with 100% CPU Load.

If you can't get any answers from here trying It is a website specially made for Overclocking hardware on your computer. :

Journeyman III

Re: Overclock Vishera 8350 FX

I think I am going to start by getting a liquid cooling system. Was thinking about the Corsair h100i. Bestbuy has it for 89.99 w. free shipping. I think if I can cool it ALOT better, I can actually  start my o.c. by raising the cpu ratio instead of starting by lowering the voltage due to thermal factors.