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Journeyman III

OS doesn't boot after activate svm in my processor Ryzen 5 3550 H

I need to activate svm in my pc but when I active this option windows 10 doesn't boot. Only appear a black screen. After wait for about 25 minutes and restart my pc windows still didn't boot so I had to disable svm to boot windows. How can activate svm without this problem?

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This old thread the User has the exact same issue as you do when he activate SVM in BIOS using a Ryzen 2400g processor it won't boot into Windows: 

The solution was to disable in BIOS IOMMU per Users old reply but looks like it was temporarily for one reboot only:

Have you installed the latest BIOS/UEFI and CHIPSET from the manufacturer's driver download page?

Open an Online AMD Service Request (Official AMD SUPPORT) and see what they recommend from here: 

I also suggest you open a Support ticket with your laptop.