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Journeyman III

OEM R7 5800 (non x) motherboard support

Hey everyone! I own an Alienware Aurora R10 Ryzen edition which has a R7 5800 and I am hoping to switch it out of the case it came in because the computer runs so hot. But this also means I need to replace the motherboard because the motherboard is bolted to the case (and is quite proprietary)


I was wondering if the 5800 (non x) has support for the same boards as the 5800x? So b450, b550 and x570 would work?


Thanks everyone

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As far as I can tell, they should have the same support. I was unable to find any definitive answers anywhere though, but my guess is unless Dell or other OEM partners have exclusive deals with AMD to only have support on their motherboards, you should be able to swap motherboards. If I manage to find any other information I will post on here again.

Ryan Bradford
AMD BYO Champion for Micro Center