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Journeyman III

Odd temperatures spikes ryzen 2700x core performance boost

I have a ryzen 2700x using a Scythe Fuma REV b cooler. I have tried disabling core performance boost to which I am greeted by 64c temperatures in a FPU,Cache, and CPU stress test in aida64. however when I enable core performance boost I get temperature spikes for a second(highest ive seen is an 88c temperature spike) which then cools down to 78-79c and then spikes back up again after a short bit is this normal? Idle temps are as low as 37c but spike as high as 54c

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Journeyman III

You are totally correct and i can relate it to you.I am using a r5 3600 and ml240r liquid cooler with the ambient temps of 32C. When i disable cpb, i get idle temps of 40C and max temps of 62C with no spikes but losing tons of performance in games and in cinbench r20(around 400 points).But when i enable cpb i get the same idle temps of about 42C spiking to around 55C but my performance is improved and i get around 78-80C in aida 64 again spiking to about 88C-89C, the spike is so short that i guess its not gonna affect the mobo or the chip as the throttle limit is 95C. so i guess we both are fine cause these amd chips do run hot  But u are well beyond the worst case scenario and no apps use the cpu as aida 64 does so i guess u will not even 70C. So dont worry about it