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Journeyman III

Normal for RMAs?

I've never done an RMA with AMD before now (RMA # 2000298356). I was told a replacement had shipped on the 24th, but haven't heard anything since, or anything back from support despite trying to check in with them earlier this week. Yesterday I got email confirmation that they had received my product (a 3900x), it was indeed defective, and the RMA was complete.

It's obviously a fairly valuable part and I've been PC-less for about two months now narrowing down that it was indeed the CPU and RMA-ing other parts in the process. I'm hoping someone has an idea of what I should expect, and if this is normal due to COVID/decreased supply. Thanks for any advice.

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Adept III

unsure about where you are/what policy they have there, but here in europe they don't do cross-shipping, meaning we have to wait for them to receive/approve the rma before they send a replacement. They also are supposed to provide a tracking number on shipping so you / they can know it's not lost/stolen during shipping, so them telling you they shipped one on the 24th with no tracking number doesn't sound right ...

Maybe @Matt_AMD or another moderator here can help

Thanks for the input!

Yeah, to clarify a couple things: I live in the USA, and this is the text of the email I was sent on Nov. 24th (there isn't a tracking number, and I never got a response after contacting AMD as a follow up):


This is an automatically generated email please do not reply

    RMA# 2000298356, OPN 100-100000023BOX, Serial number

    Dear  <I removed my name here>

    Following up from our previous emails. Your replacement processor is
    ready to ship.

    If you do not receive your replacement processor within next 5 business
    days or have any other queries with respects to this RMA, then please
    submit an online service request here, providing your RMA#
    reference details.

    Best Regards,
    AMD Global Customer Care