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No Display After installing a Ryzen 2600

I recently bought a ryzen 5 2600 and putting it on the motherboard doesn't give me video signal,
my motherboard is an A320AM4-M3D, the manufacturer is ecs elite group and according to them the motherboard that i have supports ryzen 5 from 7/15/2019, download the latest version of the bios from 12/27/2019, I followed the Steps of them with a usb boot seems to be updated, but when I start the machine again it tells me that the bios date is 2/27/2018 and it follows me without giving a video when I put the ryzen, can someone help me?

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The Ryzen 2600 doesn't have built in graphics.

Do you have a graphics card?

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if i have a gforce 750


Any graphics card will do.

Are you sure you downloaded the correct bios?

The motherboard listed in your screenshot is A320AM4-M3 not A320AM4-M3D


Your Motherboard only has 2 BIOS versions to download. Both were created in 2019:ECS > A320AM4-M3D (V1.0A) 

Both BIOS versions supports the Ryzen 2600 which is Pinnacle Ridge. The 3rd generation Rzyen 3xxx is Matisse.                                                                BIOS version date:    

You need to enter BIOS and see which version you have installed. Need to go the version number and not the date. Possibly you may have a corrupted BIOS if it shows 2018.

I also make sure that I install the last CHIPSET driver for your motherboard - 2019.

When you power up the computer are all the fans running and is the Computer case Power LED light on and the HDD LED light on or flickering? 

If the HDD LED light is on or flickering that means the computer is booting up but you have no video from your Nvidia GPU card.

How is your monitor connected to the GPU card - HDMI, DP, DVI-D, VGA?

Also could be you have incompatible RAM MEMORY installed that isn't compatible with the Ryzen Processor. I would remove all the RAM sticks and just install one RAM Stick to see if it boots up.

Here is your Motherboard's QVL List for RAM MEMORY for the Ryzen: ECS > A320AM4-M3D (V1.0A)  Very short list.

EDIT: Fyre brought up a good point. Your image does show a different Motherboard but I compared the BIOS and drivers and they seemed to be the same for both MoBos.

Here is the A320AM4-M3 Download page: ECS > A320AM4-M3 (V1.0A) and QVL Lists: ECS > A320AM4-M3 (V1.0A) 

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Test the bios for both motherboards A320AM4-M3D AND A1320AM4-M3 
WITH AFUWINGUIX64 that is downloaded from the manufacturer's page and at the moment of reading the rom that is installed,
it remains in reading and does not advance any more, I left it 1 hour so to see if it was a process that took time to start and not

I would open a ECS Support ticket. Seems like your motherboard's BIOS is corrupted or you are doing the wrong procedure in updating the BIOS.

From your Motherboard's Manual on how to update the BIOS:

Also is the Motherboard's BIOS made by AMI which is the only BIOS  AFUWINGUIX64 will update: AMI Flasher utility - AFUDOS, AFUWIN, AFULNX, AFUEFI - Download all available AMI flasher versions -... 

I have attached your Motherboard's Manual for you to take a look at if interested. It has a very detail chapter on all of your BIOS Settings.

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my motherboard has a jumper 
but it has 2 configurations available
clear cmos that the machine turns on but it does not give an image
or the other configuration that is with which it starts normally,
currently I am at work, it will be that I have to start the machine without the jumper on and if it gives me a video
signal populate update the bios ?
because in the manual it does not specify in which position you have to put the jumper



your replies are very difficult to read since it requires to slide the message across on a slide bar.

Also your manual mentions if you don't have that jumper to go into BIOS and see if it has the BIOS Safety setting to prevent BIOS from being overwritten.

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The bios have no option not to overwrite

I thin i will sell it to someon who does use ryzen and buy another

Apart from this topic I no have problems with the motherboard

Thanks for your help

Adept I

In case someone has the same problem, this was answered from the ecs support

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