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Adept II

new to ryzen, is this normal?

Hi all, the other day I've upgraded my pc to a ryzen 2700x, before I had an fx8320 always overclocked at 4.5, never used turbo boost, so I'm kind new to this feature.

After setting ram and installing every driver I run into a issue, the base clock of my cpu is rarely under 3.9, always at 4.0, with random drops to 2.5~ in idle, is this normal?

Temps are pretty high too, 38 to 50 in idle with an Arctic Liquid Freezer 120, maybe I used to much paste?

The uefi bios is all stock, I have only the doccp profile enable for ram speed (3466 for now).

Using ryzen master in auto doesn't change the clock at all, only with manual.

During tests in prime95 the cpu hit 61 degrees and only 3.9ghz.


-ASUS Crosshair VII Hero X470  0702 (using 2 power cables)

-Ryzen 7 2700x  Chipset 18.10.0601

-Arctic Liquid Freezer 120

-2x8gb G.Skill F4-3600C15D-16GTZ (3466)

-XFX RX480 GTR BE  Driver 18.5.1


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Adept II



dam20, I would suggest you open your UEFI and Load UEFI Defaults.  If this fails, then follow your MB manual and do a Clear CMOS.  Make sure you are running normally before you attempt any OCing.  If  Ryzen Master has an auto-start mode to OC on W10 loading, then remove it via Settings-Apps.  Enjoy, John.


Ok, i set my eufi to dafault, except rams, and reinstalled the chipset drivers, now in hw monitor the cores goes to 4.0ghz and 2.7ghz, but task manager says 3.9~ and sometimes even 3.7~. Maybe is normal?

In game it hits 4.3 ghz +


dam20, I am not familiar with your particular processor, but if your temperatures are good (your cooler should be fine), you should be OK.  Is the 61 C 'CPU' or 'CPU Diode' temperature?  There are a number of threads lately about processor temperatures - please take a look.  I am assuming your W10 installation is a fresh one (NOT clone) and chip set drivers come from AMD.  Enjoy, John.


Socket temps, cores are like 50 or lower. Legal win10 updated from 8.1 long time ago, all up to date.

Adept I

I doubt you used too much paste, if you did you'd more likely have killed you MoBo.

I don't overclock my RAM by much, just enough to match up their different frequencies... (I have 2 sticks at 2 different frequencies but they aren't far off from each other), my cpu does sit at a much lower clock than that, though I do have a lot of stuff running at all times, though I an hardly ever at even 3.5-3.7 GHz at any time, my PC does idle a lot though, perhaps the ML engine is having issues? Perhaps if you give it some time it will sort out???

All gen 2 ryzen CPUs have the Machine learning for overclocking inside, though as for how it works and whatever is beyond my understanding... My guess is that it is trying to actively learn how to run and this is one of its learning sessions? I dunno... Your best bet beyond me would be someone who knows more about the ryzen 7 lineup, though if all else fails try contacting support.


My rams are 3600 stock, not really stable at 1.35 so I'm using 3466.

I change the past, wasn't really too much, temps are kinda the same in idle but in game the cpu hit 4.3ghz with max 60 degrees. I guess it works? Maybe the 4.0 idle clock is a ram thing?


That is not normal, that happened to me and to some other people. Ryzen Master suppose to return cpu to stock settings after you click on AUTO but it doesnt.