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Journeyman III

New system black screen crashes



So I've recently built a new system Ryzen 5900x, 4x8mhz ram, txm 850 psu, x570 tomahawk latest bios, rtx 3080

For the first few days it was running with no issues, however during weekend I got a black screen crash - system was running while screen and peripherals were out, the CPU EZ debug led had lighted up - only way to restart was to switch off PSU..

After this crash the system was crashing very frequently - from few seconds to half an hour usually. Seems to crash more frequently the more I test it, atm it crashes even in bios, the CPU EZ debug led lights up every time.

I've reset CMOS

Tried different dimm in single channel

Different GPU

Replugged every cable

I'm planning to try different PSU but I would want to hear your thoughts first as maybe you find something in attached logs

Thank you very much


I've made another post on LTT boards with attachements since I couldn't figure out how to do it here

LTT boards with attachements