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Journeyman III

New Ryzen Build Spontaneously Rebooting in Middle of Gameplay

Not entirely sure if this is related to the Ryzen processor, or not.... 

But I could really use some help trying to figure it out.

I have a brand new PC that I just built, barely a month old... nothing installed other then Windows on a brand new SSD, all necessary Drivers... and Steam along with a few games.

On rare occasions, it will spontaneously reboot in the middle of gameplay.... but ONLY with specific Games.

I found, a similar discussion on the GPU makers support forum, describing the exact problem, symptoms and everything... so I presumed it was related and started communicating with their support... but neither of us has yet to come up with any answers, so now I am starting to suspect other possible causes.

The PC Specs are:

  • AMD Ryzen 7 7700X
  • Arctic Cooling Liquid Freezer II 240
  • ASRock PG Ripetide B650E
  • G.Skill Flare DDR5-6000 32GB EXPO
  • Intel ARC A770 16GB Limited Edition
  • Samsung 990 Pro 2TB m.2 SSD
  • Crucial P5 Plus 2TB m.2 SSD
  • Samsung Evo 1TB m.2 SSD
  • eVGA Supernova 750 G2


The Reboot seems random, and sometimes I can go days without one happening.... the last time it went almost a full week before it happened again.

So far the only games that seem to make it happen are Conan Exiles, and Star Citizen.  Sometimes it happens within 15 - 20 minutes of starting the game, sometimes it happens after several hours of gameplay.... I've tried stressing the system by looping 3dMark's Firestrike Extreme over night while I'm asleep, but it doesn't happen with that.   I've tried numerous other games for hours and hours... Far Cry 5, & 6... Crysis Remastered... Assassins Creed Vahalla... and it doesn't happen

There doesn't seem to be any useful information within my Windows Event Viewer other then Error reports stating that the PC had "unexpectedly" rebooted.  At this point, I still have no idea what the cause is, and no idea how to track it to find the cause... other then to sit here and play one of the games I know makes it happen, and hope it happens.

I welcome any suggestions, and help.

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Journeyman III

Doing some further research.... 

The issue seems almost identical to what is described in this year old discussion here:

The only difference being that I'm not getting WHEA Logger errors in my Event Viewer which that poster is describing... but I do see the Kernel 41 errors they mention...

So could this be related to my BIOS settings?

Journeyman III

Still looking for some help or advice on this matter.

I think it might be something in my BIOS, but I'm not sure what to look for... let alone what to change it too.

Adept I

Assuming you already checked temperatures...and since you can stress test without reboots:

Did you apply Curve Optimizer with negative values?

It could be idle state instability when switching to lower processor states. I had the same; Stable for hours in stresstesting / corecycler and suddenly a reboot when at Windows desktop doing nothing. Maybe in games it happens at relatively quiet/low load moment when the CPU switches to a lower state. Some power supplies turn off when the power draw is too low and/or spikes from low<>high too fast.

Reading about similar idle reboot issues on here and reddit, I've done two things:

  1. in BIOS > advanced > AMD CBS > CPU Common Options > Power Supply Idle Control > set to "typical current idle" (default: auto)
  2. In Windows power plan > advanced power settings > processor power management > set minimum processor state to 5%  (default 0% for balanced profile)

This leads to 4Watt higher idle power usage, but so far so good on idle reboot. Still too short to be sure it's 100% solved though.


Thank you for the suggestion!  

I changed those settings and unfortunately it did not resolve the issue for me.

So, I'm still looking for help and other suggestions!


So you did not say, but might be relevant:

  • What kind of temperatures are you seeing under load, check with a tool like HWiNFO
  • Did you do any tuning with PBO and CurveOptimizer?

In my case it seem like curve optimizer (undervolting) was the cause. I had already reduced the values from the very unstable values Ryzen Master had suggested and tested/tweaked my new values using stresstest tools for hours. Still at random times in a game -could be an hour in- sudden reboots happened. From -47 x1/-27 x6/-24 x1 as suggested by Ryzen Master, I'm now on a very conservative -10 all cores. *knocks on wood* not seen a reboot in the last couple of days.