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Journeyman III

New PC performing well below expectations, games freezing and crashing.


Windows 10 home

Latest chipset drivers, latest BIOS update, latest GPU drivers

monitor: asus 27 inch 2560 x 1440, 144hz DP cable

monitor 2: BENQ 60hz 24 inch hdmi cable

asus rog strix x570-e mobo

ryzen 7 3700x 

850w PSU

16GB ddr4 3200mhz 2 dimm.

the issue/what i've experienced:

if much is going on on the computer, for instance the mousepointer can get extremely slow and if i try to navigate through my computer that will be slow as well, cant play games on 1440p mid-ultra settings, i have to go on low settings, im not an expert but i have thought this issue might have to do with the CPU, its almost like ive experienced roughly the same issue with my 2 earlier computers i've built, but this time i tried ryzen, and from what i've read, my system should be able to handle what its not currently, sorry for my bad English and hope someone can guide me in some way.

overall, my experience with CPUs has been very disappoiting and i have no clue whats wrong, even tried to re-seat the CPU.

i've got recomendations on installing new windows and reinstalling all drivers and updates.

feel free to ask any questions.

im done fighting with this issue and im willing to pay for help

since i payed a good amount for the computer, i'd like it to work properly and use it to its maximum.

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charlesson23, I suspect surreptitious OC software.  Please open Settings-Apps and remove all stuff like Performance Enhancer that you do not recognize.  Get NO software from your MB vendor and get all your AMD software from AMD Drivers.  After restarting following removing junk SW removal, do a Clear CMOS using User Manual instructions and post a screenshot of Ryzen Master.  Thanks and enjoy, John.

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Are all the parts new or did you re-use any from a prior build, for instance the GPU or others?

The issues you describe sounds more GPU than CPU related. If it is a new GPU the issue could be with it. Obviously if it was working fine in you prior build something else may be going. Just make sure to have your bios fully up-to-date and the Latest Chipset Driver from AMD, often the ones one the motherboard site are not the latest. I literally just had this happen to me. I thought I was using the latest chipset driver and was not. Also make sure your settings are all set for default/auto in the bios and that you load the very latest Ryzen Master software and use the Ryzen Balanced Plan. If you then edit it to have the min processor state to 5%, 90 is the default it will run a tad cooler at idle. Also while testing turn off XMP for the memory and see if that makes a difference. Especially if you memory is not on the QVL list for your motherboard.

If you do all the things suggested above and you are still not stable then I would be looking at a power issue possibly like the Power Supply. It isn't impossible to have a new one be bad.

Go to ocbase_com and download a free utility call OCCT it can test all these components and let you know if it sees issue with cpu, gpu, psu, etc.....…

QVL LIST for my mobo, i cant see my ram in there "F4-3200C16D-16GTZR" is the name, does this mean my ram is not fully compatible? or is it fine?

all parts are new.

what is Ryzen Balanced Plan and how do i locate it and use it? found very little about it on google, also im guessing you mean ryzen power plan, thats the most common search result.

i dont understand the following sentence: "If you then edit it to have the min processor state to 5%, 90 is the default it will run a tad cooler at idle."

also, would you mind having a look for your self on my computer thru teamviewer, since i cant my self recognise what programs i dont want/need on my computer.


If your memory isn't on the qvl it is possible it is not compatible but likely it is fine. You just want to make sure the motherboard bios is setting the right timings for the ram.

Your timings for that ram are  3200 CL16-18-18-38  @ 1.35V  This is changed in the bios.

Verify your settings in Windows, with CPU-z: CPU-Z | Softwares | CPUID 

Download and install the latest AMD chipset driver if you are not already: 

Ryzen Balanced Plan installs and an Optional Power Profile when you install Ryzen Master. It does not enable the plan you have to go to the power settings and choose it from the optional list.

Ryzen Master Download:    <-----  this will add the Ryzen Balanced Plan to your optional power profiles

Ryzen Master FAQ: 

How to change Power Profiles in Windows: 

Under Advanced Stetting you will find a list of options one being minimum processor state. Change that to be 5%. It is likely 90 by default.

Support for your motherboard, they might be able to remote in and offer help too:ROG Strix X570-I Gaming FAQ | Motherboards | ASUS Global 

We are USERS HELPING USERS. I don't remote into other users computers. Not sure if AMD support would do that if need be or not. You could ask: