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Journeyman III

New CPU, pc no power

I have a GA-A320m-HD2 motherboard and I was running a AMD Ryzen 3 1300x. I upgraded to the Ryzen 5 5500 series. I did my research, I made sure that the cpu and the motherboard is compatible and I updated bios to the latest version that allows my motherboard and my new cpu to be compatible.

I have updated the bios, reset the CMOs, I installed the new cpu, screwed in the cooling fan, and turned my pc on. Thinking that this would have an easy swap but man was I wrong. I go to fire the up the pc and it turns on, it shows the message that acknowledges that the new cpu has been detected. The pc attempts to boot up into windows, the the screen goes black. Then it shows, shows no display, and then the computer turns itself off.

I’ve tried for 6 days now trying to figure out what went wrong. I’ve purchased new ssd, reinstalled windows, made sure the ram and gpu was connected properly.

For **bleep**s and giggles i threw the old Ryzen 3 1300x back in the motherboard and the pc fires back up and works as expected. Any suggestions on why my compatible CPU and motherboard are not working together?

I even thought that maybe the CPU was DOA so I got a replacement of the 5500 sent and that one does not work either. Thanks in advance I’m all ears.

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