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Adept III

New BIOS versions cause stutters on Ryzen 2xxx in CSGO and other games

Hello all.

First of all, I want to say that I hate AMD with all the strength of my soul and will never buy their products again, regardless of their market position. My next processor and video card will be Intel and Nvidia. Thank you.

And now to the point.

As the title says, I had problems with stutters in games like CSGO, Dark Souls 1, Kingdom Come, etc.

I have a buggy in the face of the rx5700 (double difficulty level, thanks to amd).
I thought that the problem was in the crooked drivers for the video card, glitches in Windows 10, etc. There were small, barely noticeable micro-freezes, most of which can be missed if you do not concentrate on it. But in CSGO, these stutters were impossibly strong and even the sound was interrupted.

During the stutter in latencymon latency indicator dxgkrnl.sys flew over the edge of the window.

I suffered with this problem for a long time - one week. I just didn’t play CSGO, thinking that this game itself was bad for Ryzen, however, numerous YouTube videos haunted me. And I thought that something needs to be done. I reset all BIOS settings and it didn't help me.
I rolled back to 3 previous BIOS versions, but it did not help me. As a result, I just freaked out and rolled the BIOS back to the very beginning - up to the agessa pinnaclepi version 1006 i.e. to the one that was on my board initially when I bought it, to the support of 3xxx ryzen ... and it helped!

What conclusion can be drawn? Amd simply does not test their bios on older processors. There is a Russian proverb "if you step wide - will tear your pants," this is just about AMD with their AM4.

Why am I writing this? Yes, just like that, I have nothing else to do except poke around in the settings and bios of the amd. After all, that's why I bought a PC - to suffer (this is sarcasm if that).


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