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Adept I

New AMDs run very hot

I tried an AMD Ryzen 7 5800X and an AMD Ryzen 5 5600X in World of Warcraft. Both ran very hot with a massive Scythe air cooler. The 5800X went as high as 96c, while the 5600X went to 85c.

The latter is acceptable but running a game like Wow at 96c on a higher end CPU is not good for the life of the processor.

I am a Youtuber and am in the process of making my findings public on that platform. AMD seem to push the boundaries of what their processors can do beyond what is safe for that CPU, simply to better Intels results.

The stock cooler supplied with the 5600X is woefully unable to cool it adequately and should not even be bundled with it.

I am disappointed as the 3000 series which I also had (I had a 3700 before) had no heating issues at all. SO something has changed with the architecture to perhaps get higher headline results but hidden are the damage running at such high temps for a long time.

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The 5800x Maximum Operating Temperature is 90C so if it reached 96C, the processor was automatically throttling to try and keep the Processor's Maximum Operating Temperature at 90c or lower. So basically the processor is overheating which is not a good thing. Especially if it stays above 90C for long periods of time.

The 5600x Maximum Operating Temperature is 95C, so if it is reaching 85c that is within its temperature operating range. I would try and keep the temperature at 85C or below all the time to be on the safe side. In that case the CPU Cooler seems to be working adequately for that processor if it is the same one you used for the 5800X processor.

The 5800x TDP for CPU Cooler is 105 watts while the 5600X is 65 Watts. Huge difference in TDP between those two processors.

So the Scythe CPU Cooler is adequate for the 5600x but not for the 5800x processor.

Unless you don't have the Scythe CPU Cooler properly installed and it isn't making a good tight contact with the surface of the processor.

Can also be poor air circulation inside the computer case for the high temperatures.

If the Scythe is a massive CPU Cooler it should be adequate for both processors. Depending on what the Scythe TDP rating is.

Thanks for the insight.

The Scythe was properly seated and had the right thermal paste. The case does not have great air circulation so that might be an issue.

The thing is, everything was perfect using an AMD Ryzen 7 3700 which was the previous generation, but one would think the 5000 series could easily handle the same parameters, that's what I assumed (wrongly).

So basically, the AMD 5000 series runs hotter than the 3000 series and could throttle or fail or be permanently damaged playing a non high spec game like World Of Warcraft. To me this is a retrogade step even though AMD will say "Look at our headline numbers wher we beat Intel", but their CPU will self-destruct.

Yes, if you have the most perfect high-end cooling system the 5000 series CPUs will not burn out, but my point is they should never have been made to do that. AMD have cut corners and lost what they had before, a good performing CPU in the 3000 series chips.

I wish I could go back to using that as the difference otherwise is minimal.


All processors are engineered to shut down BEFORE it gets damaged. So that isn't an issue. The only time a processor will get damaged is if the User changes it parameters during Overclocking or Underclocking and it wasn't done correctly or some sort of huge short or power surge to the motherboard or PSU.

So I wouldn't worry about the processor burning out. But running a processor for long period of time at its Maximum Operating Temperature or slightly above will most likely shorten it lifespan.

I had my FX8350 (125 watt TDP) shut down a couple of times due to overheating when the CPU Cooler became defective after a few years. Yet I installed it in my wife's computer and  it still is running like new. The processor is several years old.

I have a 3700x (65 Watt TDP) and I needed to install the same CPU Cooler from my FX8350 with 2 fans (One is High Air Flow) to keep the temperature below 72 degrees under the most extreme stress testing. I am using a Cooler Master Hyper 212 ECO CPU Cooler. The 3700x has the same Maximum Operating Temperature as your 5600X of 95C.

So basically the 3000 series runs much hotter than the FX series processors. Seems like the 5000 series is similar. They seem to run hotter than their TDP ratings.

Adept III

5600x and 240 asus tuf aio, Rtx3080 Suprim x. 

Using Hwinfo average cpu temps under 60 C° while playing for couple of hours. AIO` Fans are set to top out at 80%, for quieter operation.

Games played msfs2020 and Squad.


Ps. PBO on.