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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

New AMD 9590 PC freezes. I need advice!

I just built two new computers with identical components. Each build layout looks like this...

Case: Corsair Obsidian 900D

PSU: Corsair AX1200i

Motherboard: Gigabyte 990FXA-UD5 R5


CPU Cooling: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO

Memory: Corsair Vengeance Pro Series 4x8GB (32GB) DDR3

GPU 1: Gigabyte Geforce GTX 950

GPU 2: Gigabyte Geforce GTX 950

SSD: Samsung 850 EVO 250GB

HDD: WD Blue 3.0TB

OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Home Edition (Full) (yes; I do have two copies)

All went well while assembling each of them. I booted up the first one, checked the BIOS, changed the boot priority in order to make use of the Windows 10 installation USB, installed the OS on the SSD, made it all the way through to the Desktop, was about to install Drivers...when it froze.

No BSOD. No auto-reboot. No nothing... It just froze in its tracks; the screen is still displaying the same way it was at the point of freezing.

So, when in doubt; re-install Windows, right!? (about a dozen times...) Each time I got more or less the same results. The freezes happen at various points. Ranging from; the initial "pre-login&password" screen (some stupid picture of orange-ish rocks and water); to two-ish minutes after the Desktop has loaded. Though; it typically freezes about ten-ish seconds after the Desktop's loaded. I don't even have time to install any Drivers or run any sort of diagnostics before it freezes up. (not that I'd really know what to run...)

It may be worth noting here that I didn't realize that it wasn't a good idea to boot-up for the first time, with both GPUs installed and their SLI connector in place... Oops!!! lol...

So I set the first PC aside to see if the results would be any different with the second one. This time I removed the 2nd GPU and had only the SSD connected (having learned that I should do this via a newegg PC building tutorial on youtube). I made it through the install process and on-to the Desktop. I plugged in the Ethernet line and let Windows go through all its updates and installed all the current drivers. I then powered down and added back in the second GPU and the WD Blue HDD. I powered back on to find that everything still worked, the second GPU was working as it should and I had no issues setting up that storage drive.

At the moment I can use the second PC for most of the basic stuff (in fact; I'm writing this from the second PC right now...), and it's only frozen up once while doing basic "low-stress" stuff (it may be worth noting that I had a youtube video playing when this happened and the sound cut out with the freeze, rather than holding its note indefinitely). Though; I can still force the same type of freeze on the second PC, when I do certain things; every time. Such as...

I had installed World of Warcraft (froze once while the download was at 90-ish-%, but didn't freeze on the second attempt) after I saw that the build seemed stable. But when I log into the game the PC freezes up (in the exact same manner it has in every other freeze-up) after about 2-5 minutes of game-play... No changes to the games settings, or amount of on-screen clutter, seem to make any difference...

The Memory seems to be fine. The GPUs seem to be fine (as far as I can tell). All the hardware seems to be fine... I've loaded on the additional software which came with my PSU. And it shows all temps are low, all voltages seem correct, the machine scarcely seems taxed by anything I've tried to run. It doesn't seem to be working hard or heating up at all, when it freezes. The freezes look the same on both machines (though on the second one I fired up, it does not freeze nearly so quickly) regardless of what is open or running. I've even opened WoW (in windowed mode) and opened the PSU software over it, as well as the task manager's performance window, knowing that I'd have the last known info, on-screen, to look over when it inevitably froze (which it did after about a minute or so). The numbers look fine.. It's NOT over-heating (I can even lay my hand across the CPU's radiator, without any discomfort..) and nothing is being taxed. It's just freezing for seemingly no reason...

Meanwhile; I tried to start over with the first PC (after pulling out the second GPU and WD Blue HDD), but it still has the same freezing issues it's had since the first time I made it past post... No progress at all on this one.

Any advice or suggestions would be extremely welcome!!! Feel free to ask any questions you like... I'm not sure what-all information would be useful to a potential helper...





I have seen techguy's post ( which suggests some possible solutions. However I have not attempted to make these changes, as some of them I seem to be prohibited from making. Here's how my BIOS looks by default (this isn't every single thing in the BIOS...just the screens which seem relevant):

NOTE: Anything with a * after it, I can't seem to change.

BIOS ver F3 (04 / 01 / 2015)

[M.I.T.\Advanced Frequency Settings]

BCLK Clock Control: 200.00MHz (auto)*

CPU NB Frequency: 2200MHz (auto)*

HT Link Frequency: 2600MHz (auto)*

CPU Clock Ratio: 23.50 (auto)*

CPU Frequency: 4.7GHz (auto)*


[M.I.T.\Advanced Frequency Settings\Advanced CPU Core Features]

CPU Clock Ratio: 23.50 (auto)*

CPU Frequency: 4.7GHz (auto)*

Core Performance Boost: (auto) OptionsSmiley Sadauto/Disabled)

CPB Ratio: 25.00 (auto)*

CPU Unlock: (Disabled) OptionsSmiley SadEnabled/Disabled)

Cool & Quiet: (Enabled) OptionsSmiley SadEnabled/Disabled)

C1E Support: (Enabled) OptionsSmiley SadEnabled/Disabled)

SVM: (Enabled) OptionsSmiley SadEnabled/Disabled)

CPU Core Control: (Automatic Mode) OptionsSmiley SadOne core per CU/2 core per Processor/4 core per Processor/6 core per Processor)

Core C6 State: (Enabled) OptionsSmiley SadEnabled/Disabled)

HPC Mode: (Disabled) OptionsSmiley SadEnabled/Disabled)

APM: (Enabled) OptionsSmiley SadEnabled/Disabled)


[M.I.T.\Advanced Memory Settings]

NOTE: When I try to use Profile1, it causes errors which can make it extremely tricky to even boot to the point of being able to enter the BIOS.

NOTE: "Profile1" doesn't allow any control other than what I've listed below.

NOTE: I've seen the terms 1T & 2T mentioned in regard to 16GBs-32GBs of RAM. But I don't have a clue what that means/refers to. Let alone; how I'd go about changing/setting such a thing...

Extreme Memory Profile (X.M.P.): (Disabled) OptionsSmiley SadProfile1/Disabled)

System Memory Multiplier: 6.67* (changes to 8* automatically if "Profile1" is selected)

Memory Frequency: 1.334MHz* (changes to 1600* automatically if "Profile1" is selected)

DRAM Timing Selectable: (auto) OptionsSmiley Sadauto/Quick/Expert)

Profile DDR Voltage: 1.50v*

Profile VTT Voltage: 1.05v*

Channel Interleveling: (auto)*

Rank Interleveling: (auto)*

The timing is on a sub-screen to the above, but it seems to be correct and just as advertised. (9-9-9-24)


[M.I.T.\Advanced Voltage Settings]

CPU Vcore: (auto)*

NB Core: (auto)*

DRAM Voltage: 1.500v (auto)*

DRAM Termination: 0.750v (auto)*

HT Link Voltage: 1.200v (auto)*

NB/PCIe/PLL Voltage: 1.800v (auto)*

CPU PLL Voltage: 2.500v (auto)*

NB Voltage: 1.100v (auto)*

Vcore Loadline Calibration: +100% (auto)*


So maybe you can see why I haven't made the changes techguy has suggested. I'm sure he knows what he's talking about...but I don't know if it would be worth it or safe to make only partial changes; as I cannot change some of the things he's listed...

I am wondering if I need a different/newer BIOS. Though; I've never flashed a BIOS before and I don't really know how. (though I'm sure I could look it up...)

Any help at all would be very, VERY welcome!!!




It's that damn "Boost"!

I had a feeling that it would end up being some maddeningly simple thing...

I presently have my BIOS set to auto. The only two things I changed are the full-screen logo and setting the CPU Performance Boost to Disable.

I'll leave this thread, as reference material. Maybe someone else will face this same issue...

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Re: New AMD 9590 PC freezes. I need advice!

Boost as well as "auto" mode have caused issues for many people. Glad that you appear to have resolved the issue. I suspect you may run into excessive internal CPU temps above 61C under full load with the Hyper 212 Evo HSF as it wasn't designed to cool a 220w CPU like the FX-9000 series CPUs.  If you're environment is air-conditioned and you have good case airflow, then you might squeak by. If not then a top seven HSF as listed on FrostyTech may be in order depending on how hard you run your system. The difference in HSF thermal capacity might be necessary to keep your FX-9590 CPUs below 61C.

Coolermaster AMD Heatsink Temperature Comparisons - Hyper 212 Evo FrostyTech Review

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