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Adept II

New AGESA for 7000-series ?

Ok, I know AMD doesn't read/answers these forums, but I need to get this of my chest. What the hell is up with the (lack of) AGESA updates for the new 7000-series processors ? Since the launch of 13th gen intel cpu's, motherboard manufacturers have already released 3 (!) BIOS updates to improve memory compatibility and cpu microcode,whereas AMD is still struggling to release a first decent update to fix the EXPO/long boot times

In comparison, check out the update section for the MSI Carbon motherboard, both the X670E as the Z790 version of it. I'd be laughing if it didn't cause me so much stress



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Journeyman III

Was wondering the same thing I too have an MSI motherboard the boot times are terrible. When I hit restart in windows it doesn't seem to work always manually have to shut off my PC with the power button if I have to reset it. Hope they come out with a decent update soon cant even use XMP mode at the moment its not worth waiting for the long boot times as it disables sleep mode.


Daridla95, with no information about your system, I am only guessing but that sounds like an MB problem, Enjoy, John.

Big Boss

Smartboomer, I suggest you open an AMD Support (on maintenance) request. I have tried for years (since 1800X) to get answers about AGESA, like content, dates, etc with little to no luck. When I began to understand some of the structure, I knew it was ripe for problems. AMD provides the AGESA, SOC code and the like, a vendor supplies the basic BIOS, another vendor RAID code while the MB vendors put it all together and add their modifications. Enjoy, John.