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Journeyman III

New 2400G build on '2000' Ryzen Ready Mobo, no beeps, no VGA output.

Hello good people. Issue is as it says in the topic. I am at my wits end on this one, so any help that you can shoot my way will be met with eternal gratitude!

The bios chip has 4.60 printed on it and the box has a neat little 'Ryzen 2000 series ready' sticker on it.

The CPU heatsink fan spins up, the power LED turns on, the HDD is spinning and there is power to the USB ports.

I have built the system with the parts below:

FSP Raider II Edition 550W 80PLUS Silver Power Supply

ASRock AB350 Pro4 AM4 ATX Desktop Motherboard

Kingston 8GB Kit (2x4GB) DDR4 HyperX Fury Black C15 2666MHz (placed in A2 / B2 positions)

Kingston SSDNow UV400 240GB 2.5" SSD

AMD Ryzen 5 2400G 3.6Ghz 6MB AM4 APU Retail Box - With Fan

Things I have tried:

RAM - Removing / replacing / placing into different configurations.

CPU - taking off the heat sink and checking it is seated happily (it is).

Power - ensuring that the 8 pin and 20+4 pin connectors are connected (they are).

Monitor - checking that it is working on another machine (it is). Trying a different monitor (also doesn't work).

Drinking coffee / meditating - still frustrated.

Thanks for any and all help!

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Adept II

Do you install a beep on MB? If yes, I guess no beeps mean MB issue.

Big Boss

alxnilsen, your power supply is marginal at best, but I think you should be able to boot.  The ASRock MB does not have a speaker, please buy one (buck or two) and then you can post the beep code.  creatie said as much.  Maybe more coffee/meditation.  Try one memory stick in various slots, if you have not.  Good luck and enjoy, John. 


Your motherboard has the correct minimum BIOS for your Ryzen 2400g which is P4.60.

According to ASRock Support, your Memory IS NOT LISTED on its QVL list for the Raven Ridge APU: ASRock > AB350 Pro4

DDR4HyperX266626668GBHX426C16FB2K4/32Micron A-dieSS2/4
DDR4HyperX266626668GBHX426C13PB3K4/32Hynix A-dieSS2
DDR4HyperX266626668GBHX426C13PB3K4/32Hynix M theSS2
DDR4HyperX2666266616GBHX426C13PB3K4/64Hynix A-dieDS2

According to your link your Kingston RAM MEMORY Number is "HX426C15FBK2/8"  This may be the reason you are having problems. The RAM MEMORY installed may not be compatible with the Ryzen APU.

You also have a new BIOS Update for your Motherboard: ASRock > AB350 Pro4

4.902018/7/127.28MBInstant FlashHow to Update1.Update PinnaclePI-AM4_1.0.0.2 Patch A
2.Improve PCIe detection with Raven Ridge CPU
3.Keep the XMP setting after system restoring from G3 state.
* If the current BIOS version is older than P3.40, please update BIOS to P3.40(Bridge BIOS) before updating this version.
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