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Journeyman III

Need help with Overclocking my AMD Ryzen 7 2700X (4.35GHz 20MB 105W AM4)

Can anyone please tell me how or give me some tutorial or give me some suggestions how to overclock my CPU because i have never tried to do that. I am not in a position to buy a new and stronger processor, so i would like to try light overclocking.

And i would like to know if it would make a big difference if i clocked from 3.7Ghz to 4.0 or 4.1 GHz?

i have ROG Strix b450F gaming motherboard if that need to be known before overclocking.

my CPU is  AMD Ryzen 7 2700x

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read my post and try to help me and explain what and how to do it and if it will have a bigger impact on gaming.

Respect you all!

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Big Boss

dto4dvs, my main recommendation is to stay out of BIOS and use Ryzen Master (RM). Please do some research then maybe start with PBO (OCing in general will void your warranty). Have fun, John.


Best way to overclock a CPU is through your Motherboard BIOS Settings.

I suggest you open a thread at one of the Overclocking Websites for help in overclocking your AMD processor:


Hi, you have the gaming F, 1 or 2?

There is a slight diference where you can go between these two. I would start with some benches with the current config so you have a base line for comparison.

Each OC (PBO or ALL core) will have its benefits and downsides.

Start with PBO, inside your bios you have options for PBO. Either Disabled, leave to cpu, Auto, manual or profiles. Yours may not be exactly like mine but search on youtube or explore the bios. 

With the PBO there is not much to go wrong but warranty will be voided and the increased load/temperature will affect longevity of the silicon. 

Try using auto for starters, this value is the board calling the shots and will force boosting for longer as long as there is temperature headroom. Make sure you have a good cooler.

If you feel confident, manual will allow you to specify the target for boosting in MHz. 

The undervolt the core voltage with Offset by - 0,100mv to help with temperatures.

Final, stress test for stability. Several hours. 

Make sure you already have DOCP ative for your ram. 

If all goes well, you just entered the basic early steps of tinkering and OC.

When you feel more confident and do some multicore work, then search online for ALL CORE OC. Its a different path. 

If anything goes wrong, remember.. clear CMOS and go back to where you started. 

Final warning, any OC voids warranty and can damage the CPU,short or long term.


Ill leave a video later with a tutorial for undervolt if you want. My old CPU was a 2700X and a RoG B450 Gaming E (this one has stronger VRM and OC features) 

The Englishman

As many recommendations as writers

Depending on how much time and effort you want to invest, what cooler you have and what your goal is, I would most likely simply set an all-core OC and undervolt until CPU becomes unstable. Instead of manual voltage setting, you might consider a negative voltage offset. How much, you can google. There are plenty of answers. The other thing I would do is try to squeeze more out of memory by tuning it with Ryzen Dram Calc you can download from many places.

Before you start, learn how to clear CMOS. You'll need it when you change something and machine no longer posts even to BIOS.