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Adept III

NB/SoC safe value needed

5900x on X570 MSI Tomahawk

As some of the laters topics show there is a problem. It's CPU or Bios problem but nobody can confirm.

It seems that changing NB SoC voltages can help.

I need to know what is safe value.

In my case it seems that 1.075V helps with random PC reboots but not sure how high could I go if I find that it's to low.

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Adept II

I can't promise you anything. But I've collected these settings for when I test my new 5900x and MSI ACE mobo.  


SOC volts of 1.15             

 CPU voltage - auto  (offset targetting around 1.37)

VDDP - 960 mV

VDDG IOD - 1060 mV

VDDG CCD - 940 mV

RAM voltage 1.41 - 1.47


It seems that even when I adjust soc my system isn't stable

I was lucky to see end of blender benchmark but Witcher rebooted pc again

Any news on how u solved the problem ? I m in ur same case know and its driving me crayzi