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Journeyman III

Mystery Threadripper engineering sample CPU.

I purchased this on eBay as used. The seller sold 65 of these. They are not working and the CPU has been relisted as not working for parts with over 30 more sold. The IHS is blank and their is only some numbers on the PCB and the PCB it self to identify it. The ones being sold are not delided. I dont feel the need to delid mine because the numbers and capacitors match the stock photo. I am willing to help AMD if they want to investigate this matter. This CPU has been tested in X399 and TRX40 motherboards as well as Epyc even though it is clearly a Threadripper from the photos. It does not work. The CPU will get warm in the socket though. The boards will not post or power on at all as if the CPU has a bad ID. All input is welcome and appreciated. Thank you.

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X399 processor and if it does not POST to the BIOS then the CPU is garbage


Engineering samples have an inscribed IHS, such as the Ryzen sample below, so they can identify and track them, so I doubt highly there are any functional dies under it. Also, if you look at a proper Threadripper processors, there are some components inside the center slots, as in the middle picture, where yours, pictured at the bottom from what I suspect is the same eBay listing, has one, so it could in no way be functional.