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Adept II

My system is Randomly Restarting/freezing

Im Using RYZEN 3 1300x

 My system is Randomly Restarting/freezing whenever i play any media or browse internet and watch youtube,but it works fine when i play games. this issue only occurs when the system is idle or under low load. I ran many no of stress tests the system is working fine but whenever i browse files in my pc or browse internet it restarts after freezing. im running latest bios f3 of my motherboard gigabyte b450mds3h, i rma d my motherboard regarding this issue but they returned my motherboard saying that its working fine, what should i do now its only three months old.

my Specs are

Ryzen 3 1300x

gigabyte b450m ds3h motherboard

gigabyte pb 500watt psu

corsair lpx 8gb 2400mhz ram

msi 1060 nvdia video card

120gb ssd

1tb hdd

help me thank you

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Adept II

This is a motherboard problem. I had the same motherboard with ryzen 1600. The pc would crash and restart when doing low load or light work but would run fine under gaming. It would even hang inside bios. Either tell gigabyte the mobo is faulty and RMA again or if u can afford a new motherboard, get the asus b450 TUF gaming(i'm using it now) and sell the gigabyte mobo.


I've sent the motherboard to gigabyte service center and after 14days they returned me the motherboard telling me that it's is working fine and they ran it for 13hrs playing videos,

This problem is so strange that most people wouldn't even believe that it is an issue ,they are telling me to reinstall drivers and reinstall video player etc...


The restarts won't occur during playing video because it is putting a load on the cpu. If you just open a notepad and keep it for sometime then you might see it restart. I had the same problem. My gigabyte B450M-DS3H would even hang in the bios after 5 minutes of doing nothing  It's really strange  


but when i sent the motherboard to gigabyte they returned the board saying that its working fine,ive sent them a mail again lets see what happens and i couldn't afford a new motherboard right now


i am 100% sure its the motherboard because i faced same problem...i can tell u a method which my friend used to get the warranty. He started doing a bios update and turned off power in between. this will surely corrupt the board and the service center guy will give warranty. think about it.


That already happened once when I'm updating my bios from f2 to f3 it got stuck in the middle due to this issue and I turned it off from then it wouldnt turn on,so I RMA d my mother board they repaired it and gave me the same board ,I know it's the same one  because I broke one sata port on it before.


Ohh..then the board even hangs in the bios? same as me. then do the bios update and corrupt the board once again and ask them strictly to give you a new board or contact gigabyte directly.


I've sent them a mail I still didn't get a reply let's see what happens.