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Journeyman III

My Ryzen x2700 get segfaults frequently and freezes during ruining simple python scripts and chrome

Hi everyone,

previously I was using ryzen x1700 and entered the infinite freezing loop... And later can't even fresh install operating system, due to freezing at installation process.... Now I bought a new x2700 and was OK for last two months. But recently again, the ubuntu starts freezing with really low load like 10% cpu load and 8GB ram usage (of total 64GB). Most of them happened when I run python script just using numpy, pymysql and pandas. This script is running without problem on server with intel and on laptop with intel. And I found in syslog many seg faults happening for cython and python3.5... First was thinking the freezing is caused by the power supply idle control or c state. After changing power control to typical current. It still freezed.

Besides, chrome always crash due to seg faults, too...

What should I do for it now? Is this still caused by the known issue from AMD ? Like this?

On google I can't find one post reporting for seg faults with x2700.

Found the first seg fault in the oldest syslog under /var/log:

Jan 4 13:30:25 ryzen kernel: [95172.438889] TaskSchedulerFo[30708]: segfault at 3faf06300e20 ip 000055ebf83cf522 sp 00007fbeb1f963f0 error 4 in chrome[55ebf6b7f000+66df000]

Jan 4 13:30:25 ryzen org.gnome.Shell.desktop[11695]: --2019-01-04 13:30:25--

Jan 4 13:30:25 ryzen org.gnome.Shell.desktop[11695]: Resolving (, 2a00:1450:4001:81d::200e

Jan 4 13:30:25 ryzen org.gnome.Shell.desktop[11695]: Connecting to||:443... connected.

Jan 4 13:30:26 ryzen org.gnome.Shell.desktop[11695]: HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK

Jan 4 13:30:26 ryzen org.gnome.Shell.desktop[11695]: Length: unspecified [text/html]

Jan 4 13:30:26 ryzen org.gnome.Shell.desktop[11695]: Saving to: ‘/dev/fd/4’

Jan 4 13:30:26 ryzen org.gnome.Shell.desktop[11695]: 0KCrash dump id: e77f6458102e71b3

Jan 4 13:30:26 ryzen org.gnome.Shell.desktop[11695]: 2,34M=0s

Jan 4 13:30:26 ryzen org.gnome.Shell.desktop[11695]: 2019-01-04 13:30:26 (2,34 MB/s) - ‘/dev/fd/4’ saved [16]

some more syslogs for seg faults:

Jan 9 12:57:57 ryzen kernel: [69850.139234] python[9041]: segfault at 7f6596cf2910 ip 00007fe5c5d55b91 sp 00007fff5dff7a80 error 6 in[7fe5c5c50000+14c000]

ryzen kernel: [71484.627801] python[9032]: segfault at 7f659adda9d0 ip 00005648e707d18d sp 00007fff5dff8280 error 6 in python3.5[5648e6fdf000+1be000]

Jan 9 13:37:14 ryzen kernel: [72206.876258] chrome[9886]: segfault at 2c361a680008 ip 000055815f343135 sp 00007ffdb3f56940 error 4 in chrome[55815db01000+66df000]

Jan 9 13:37:41 ryzen kernel: [72234.554665] python[9034]: segfault at 7f659a7c48d0 ip 00007fe5b86abca2 sp 00007fff5dff7880 error 6 in[7fe5b8665000+7e000]

Jan 8 12:19:26 ryzen kernel: [436508.741981] traps: python[9666] trap stack segment ip:5569888c7b2c sp:7ffdcd04ab40 error:0 in python3.5[556988812000+1be000]

Jan 8 12:25:09 ryzen kernel: [436850.882310] python[9661]: segfault at 7f8a34ce97d0 ip 00007f0a5a9e2ca2 sp 00007ffdcd04b4b0 error 6 in[7f0a5a99c000+7e000]

Jan 8 12:35:03 ryzen kernel: [437445.295717] python[10916]: segfault at 7f8a3bec2a30 ip 00007f0a6808cb91 sp 00007f0a4ac062e0 error 6 in[7f0a67f87000+14c000]

For more details

Computer Type: Desktop

GPU: Nvidia GTX 1080TI

CPU: Ryzen x2700 part number: YD270XBGAFBOX (prev. Ryzen x1700)

Motherboard: Asus Crosshair VI Hero bios version 6401

RAM: Corsair Vengenance 16GB *4

Operating System & Version: Ubuntu 18.04 (prev. ubuntu 16.04)

GPU Drivers: 410.73

Chipset Drivers:

Background Applications: chrome/python 3.5(cython)

Troubleshooting: Prime95 running without problem for around 1-2 days. Iperf network test no problem with 1-2 days. Kill-ryzen no problem with 2 hours. Python Script is running without problem on intel laptop and intel server.

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Journeyman III

Maybe try to run the stress test GitHub - suaefar/ryzen-test: Tools to reproduce randomly crashing processes under load on AMD Ryzen ... , at least on my E585 / Ryzen 5 2500u is fails...