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Journeyman III

My ryzen 7 3700u speed locked

hi everyone. i have a asus m570d with ryzen 7 3700u,gtx 1050 and 16 gig ram.It has been a year since ه bought the laptop.back then when i was bought it for a week and i was playing with it, it suddenly shut down. then i realized that it was getting too hot that it auto shut down itself. then from that everytime i wanted play games my cpu speed after playing like 15 or 20 minutes locked in 1.38 or 0.39.i did check the temperature and when i was not gaming with it, it was 50-60 and when i was gaming it was 70-80. i don't think my temps are too much high and i also bought a cooler for the laptop but it didn't help and my cpu speed locked as bios there no such thing as cpu speed or something like that its X570 the advanced tab of th bios there is really nothing to configure.what should i do to stop my cpu from locking speed?
sorry for bad grammer