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My ryzen 7 2700x idle temp is fluctuating

Hello, I just built my new PC 3 days ago.. I checked today in Ryzen Master that my cpu idle temp is fluctuating between 44°c to 50°c. I have disabled the core performance boost in bios also. I'm using MSI X470 Gaming Pro motherboard. When I First ran prime95 stress test for like 15 mins yesterday the temp went up to 82°c.After stopping the test it quickly went down to 50°c. I ran prime95 stress test again for 10 hours last night.. Started the test at 12:04am stop at 10:15am. I checked the temp at 3:30am, it was fluctuating between 68°-71°c. the peak temp was 71.25°. Then I went to sleep. After waking up when I checked today at 10 am the cpu temp was 68.75°c and it stays there for the last 15min.. After stopping the test it quickly went down to 48°c.. I'm using a cooler master masterliquid ML240r AIO. using Win10 default balance power plan.. Last night I played battlefield V for about 2 hours and cpu temp was around 61°- 65°c. When I played Elsword for 3 hours yesterday cpu temp was below 50°c for the whole duration. My ambient room temp is 29°c.. So is it normal?

Idle temp -pastedImage_1070.pngStress test -pastedImage_1071.png

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lkasl, can't say it is normal but it looks good to me.  Idle at 44 to 50C seems a little high but fine.  The loaded temperatures sound just fine.  I think your secret is your high quality cooler.  Enjoy, John.


Thanks for the info. I'm more curious about idle temp than the stress test. About the 10 hours Prime95 test I did the 3rd test, which test some of everything. I did the AIDA64 Stress test for 10 mins with only Stress FPU checked and the max cpu temp was 76.75°c.. Then I did the Prime95 1st test, which is the FPU test for 15 mins and the max temp was 76.75°c. It didn't hit 82°c this time. Don't know why my idle temp is that high. Maybe because it's really hot here in India and I don't have AC in my room. Even with ceiling fan on full speed I'm still sweating. My case is the MSI Gungnir 100D.. I thing this case really doesn't have good ventilation for airflow. That might be another reason for the high temperature.

Another Strange thing is during AIDA64 test for like 0.5 sec Ryzen Master showed -10°c!!!! 


lkasl, please tell us what your room temperature is.  Also check the version of RM on the setting page and click 'Check for updates' button.  The -10C is really weird - would love a screenshot of that!  Thanks and enjoy, John.


my room temp is around 29°-31°c.. and for Ryzen Master version it's I just check for update but there's no new version available. Also I couldn't able to take a screenshot of that -10°c because it was there for only a fraction of sec and only happened that one time.