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Adept I

my ryzen 5 3600 is overheating

My pc is brand new i just built it and my r5 3600 is overheating. At idle its jumping from 45C* to 65C* and when i ran Apex Legends it was 60C* to 70C* while i was in game, but when i returned to my lobby it jumped to 90C*. I'm confused. I have the Cooler that comes in the box its the Wraith Stealth cooler (I tried to install a different cooler before the one im with right now, so could that be the problem that i havent cleaned all of the paste from before). I let windows install all the drivers it needed even the optional ones and after that i started installing motherboard drivers like HDaudio, Lan-ethernet and Chipset drivers. I talked with a friend about it and he thinks its a software issue. He told me to install new drivers , but i dont know how to delete the old ones.

motherboard:Asrock B550M Pro4r

I know about the Arock App shop, but idk if it will help. I really need help.

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