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Journeyman III

My Ryzen 5 3600 is in 1.39V in idle, how can I solve this?

Hello guys, so my ryzen is in 1.39V in idle with Ryzen Balance plan and with maximum processor state in 99% and because of that my system runs really hot like 52c idle and 75c+ full load. My motherboard is a b450 gaming plus and everything is in default values except Ryzen cool and quiet because I heard that in games like CSGO or valorant the processador doesn't work at the maximum boost frequency. ( Just saying I could be totally wrong about this and that's why I'm here ). Right now I can't test if that's it's true or not because I'm not home.

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75*C under full load on a Ryzen 5 processor is perfectly normal with the stock cooler, as the Turbo algorithms will keep the frequency as high as possible as long as the temperature is under certain limits. The maximum temperature is 95*C, so you're not anywhere near the danger zone.